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Digi-Man I
Digi-Man I

Founder and creator of Digi-Man Pro is chief engineer and designer in GoanaArt - Arkadiusz Buczek.
The idea for the didgeridoo instrument digital interface of the Ark in my head yet appeared in the 90's but it was only today's advanced technology has created a tremendous opportunity to realize this vision.

Work on the instrument began in 2005, our first publication on the subject appeared in the portal in 2009.

6 years of research and development work has been crowned with success, in short Ark was able to move the oldest and
the easiest instrument in the world into the 21st century!

A few words about the instrument:

Digi-Man Pro is a classic instrument made ​​of wood and the way the game is no different to the traditional didgeridoo. However, the built-in digital interface opens up a player, unlimited world of endless possibilities to create new sounds and new techniques.
Digi-Man Pro is not just "a piece of wood" nafaszerowanym electronics but has a number of built-in sensors and some sophisticated microprocessors responsible for processing sound, the comfort of the game remains the classic didgeridoo.

Digi-Man PRO consists of a controller Detego which can act independently as a MIDI controller for use with any MIDI device, and a dedicated module greatly expanding opportunities instrument.

I'm looking for opportunities to develop the product and possible small series production.

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