Daintree Essentials - Julaymba CD

Julaymba CD
Julaymba CD

Local Daintree Kuku Yalanji people call the Daintree Julaymba, which is reflected in this exclusive collection of music, reflects the peace and tranquility of the Daintree, with its tranquil mood to mirror the ambiance of the ancient rainforest. Excellent for winding down, relaxing and meditating. Suitable for dinner ambience.<br>This exclusive collection of music was created by world renown local Aboriginal musician, David Hudson. David is local to the Yalanji people and his respect and love for his culture is shared through his music. David is well known for his mastery of the didgeridoo as well as his musical talents for other instruments and his expertise in composing. <br>In creating this CD, we were privileged to be able to include some special phrases from well respected Aboriginal elder "Nana" Wilma Walker, Ngadijina, who grew up in the Daintree. <br>Drift into your spiritual journey. Recommended to sit back, sip on <a href="http://www.daintree-essentials.com.au/shop/product_info.php?cPath=3&prod... Tea</a> and enjoy the experience!

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