Bidyadanga to Oombulgurie: Off the Beaten Track

The Kimberley is one of the last great frontiers in Australia and is a major attraction for travellers who want more than a resort holiday.<p> <i>Off the Beaten Track</i> is a Leyland Brothers Adventure Series with a difference.<p>

It will explore very remote areas in the Kimberley in a unique way. Each segment will involve travel by 4WD to different areas rarely seen on television and will offer an insight into the unique and fascinating ecology and environment of the region. Many of these areas require permission from Indigenous owners and custodians. In each segment a 4WD expert will provide safety and survival information and will confidently guide the audience through the remote parts of the Kimberley. Indigenous elders will also explain

<h3>Production Information</h3><p>

<i>Bidyadanga to Oombulgurie: Off the Beaten Track</i> will be filmed as 5 ten minute magazine features and will be aired on GTV 35 television for the benefit of travellers, visitors and locals in Broome.

Goolarri Media Enterprises is in a unique position as a remotely located Indigenous production company. It has the crew resources and the knowledge of the country and communities that will allow a valuable insight into the Kimberley. Goolarri also has the technical and equipment resources to film and edit this project to online phase.<p>

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<b>Creative Team</b><p>

Dot West<br> Co-Producer/Script writer (winner of the 2005 Tudawali Award) Head of Production Goolarri Media Enterprises<br>
Dot is a leading light for the Indigenous media industry. Her background covers print media, radio and television in the Kimberley and also for a national audience as Producer &#8216;The Mary G Show II&#8217; and the documentary &#8216;Me and You&#8217; for SBS. More than a decade with Goolarri has seen the organization grow into a leading Indigenous media production house that has the ability to make high production-value television that speaks with integrity, and expresses its contemporary culture and life in its own voice.<p>

Clancy McDowell<br>
Co-Producer/Script writer Producer Goolarri Media Enterprises<br>
Clancy has had extensive experience in the film and television industry, having worked as a freelancer in Sydney for many years. She has been production manager and producer at Goolarri for over two years, and has overseen the continuing growth and development of the local television station, GTV, as well as developing concepts for larger scale productions and managing those projects from initial development to post-production and broadcast. A fascination and admiration for the art of the Kimberley is the seed of this documentary concept, and a background in fine arts, allows Clancy to fully appreciate the culture and life of the region.<p>

<b>Production crew</b><br>

Goolarri Media is a fully integrated media company that houses a full crew who daily produce material for local broadcast.<p>

Kim WestEditor<br>
Kim has been working as an editor at Goolarri for a number of years and has been trained on a variety of material including commercials, documentaries and the &#8216;Mary G Show&#8217;. Currently completing Editing major at AFTRS, Kim has the television experience to bring to this series the scope and scale required by material that contains big personalities and dramatic stories.<p>

<h3>Supporting and Investing in this Project</h3>

The production will involve five ten minute magazine segments on Goolarri Television GTV 35.<p>


Sponsorship is open to public and private agencies. Sponsors generally support projects like <i>Bidyadanga to Oombulgurie</i> because they know that there is more than a commercial benefit involved in their support. For example, this series has an important role in promoting safety and cultural understanding to remote area travellers. In other words sponsorship of projects like this one is as much about corporate citizenship as it is about simple advertising. However it should be observed that sponsorship has many commercial advantages also the unique way in which Goolarri GTV is focussed on visitors to Broome on a 24 hour a day rotational basis is of great significance.<p>

For further information please contact Clancy McDowell.<p>

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Goolarri also welcomes co-investors in the series.<p>

Goolarri has a unique ability to work with Indigenous people of the Kimberley that is unique amongst media organisations. Income from Goolarri Media Enterprise productions comes from selling broadcasting rights to commercial or national broadcasters and international broadcasting networks. Goolarri has a strong record of television and film production sales. Investors who provide financial support at the beginning of a profitable project will be eligible to receive income based on the size of their investments.<p>

Prospective investors or sponsors may contact

Dot West Director/Head of Production <br>
Tel: (08) 9192 1325<br>
E: <p>


Clancy McDowell Producer <br>
Tel: (08) 9192 1325<br>
E: <p>

in order to discuss more details about this exciting project.

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Leyland Brothers with a sensitivity to country. Sponsor this documentary which will provide cultural knowledge, safety information and survival tips for travellers journeying from regional, to remote to very remote Australian locations.
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Goolarri Media Enterprises
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Goolarri Media Enterprises Pty Ltd - through GTV 35 and its television production fund - is a unique Indigenous owned film and television production company.<p> Goolarri Media Enterprises combines commercial and professional skills with social and cultural responsibility. It has a unique ability to work with the Indigenous communities of the Kimberley.
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