Benson Dickerson

I am twenty three years old. When I was born my mum Debra Dickerson was only sixteen years old. My Dad split up with her soon after I was born. I am the oldest of five children.
It was hard for my Mum to look after us. I went to live with my Nana and Pop when I was about six.
When I was nine I first got into trouble with the police. I was stealing and I went to juvenile prison and adult prison from that time on. It was a cycle of trouble that just seemed to follow me everywhere.
I learned to paint in Kalumbaroo and a bit in prison. Everyone likes my paintings. There was never any money. It all went on drink and cards and gambling. So a lot of the time I didnt know any better but to do whatever I could.
I learned a lot of guitar from my uncles and in prison. My favorite songs are Christian songs, rock n roll and a bit of Slim Dusty.
When I was sixteen I had a son, Shakiel Dickerson, with Louise Cox. They live in Tom Price.
This training has given me a big chance in life. I could still be in jail but Ngarda has given me this training to get out of the cycle.
This is the best training I have ever done. I have really enjoyed the machines and all of the people on the course and the trainers have helped me.
I want to now be a good role model for my family. I want to pay off all my debts to society. I want to buy a V8 SS Monaro and a boat and a house. I never want to go back anywhere near a jail ever again.

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Benson Dickerson's paintings are admired by anyone who sees them. Now working for Ngarda Civil & Mining in South Hedland, Benson's paintings evoke the beauty of the Pilbara landscape and the harshness of life for Indigenous young people.
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I want to develop an exhibition of paintings, the sales of my paintings help me to buy paint and to help my family. I will be posting new paintings for sale on the ISX website. So stay tuned...
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Western Australia - Pilbara