This business is being developed as a social micro family business. Chewying's have been mentoring this business for some 8 months and now would like to acquire more work so that the business can develop in an organic way. Billy is an indigenous man who is very keen to assist young people to move out of the welfare trap and into mainstream employment, whilst being supported by the Chewying's business methodology.

Mowing-a-long is a mainstream, estalished lawn mowing and gardening business in the Shoalhaven area of NSW. The business is a one man operation at present, and Chewying's have been offering support to the business for the past 12 months. This support includes access to the Chewyings online portal, polices and procedures, and staff when needed. Whilst this buiness is in direct competition to Chewying's the two businesses work together to support each other in a unique partnership. By supporting this business, the benefits flow through to the staff at Chewyings also.

Gary has been working with the Chewyings for the past 8 years. He is now working independently whilst maintaining the support of the Chewyings methodology. Gary is keen to further develop his own business doing ride on and push mowing work. Work would be tailored to Gary's abilities. Gary now has the ability to move away from the welfare world. The objective is to provide him with enough work to do so. We are hoping the Shoalhaven or other organisations across Australia could support this project Chewying's has undertaken.

Funding is sought to purchase 175 acres of rainforest south of Sydney to establish a drug-free residential treatment facility for children and young people with significant behavioural or mental health problems. There is currently no facility for the treatment of children under 12 with mental health problems in NSW. Project type is similar to the noted Brahminy Project in the Northern Territory. There is no other project like the Brahminy Project in Australia.

ChewYings provides a service that is maintenance of Lawns and Gardens if you would like to inquire about our model or obtain our services please contact Robert or visit our website.

<i><b>'I want to leave something behind, something
special for them.'

'I would like to have an arts and crafts workshop where all kinds of people, especially children can learn and create Aboriginal art. That is my dreaming, that is my dream.'

Gayili Marika Yunupingu</i></b>

The Indigenous community of Palm Island, located approximately 60 kilometres off the coast of north Queensland, has very limited employment opportunities for its 3,000 inhabitants. With no industry, and an underdeveloped business sector, unemployment rates on the island are over 90%. The people of Palm Island identify the lack of employment opportunities as the most significant social issue impacting on quality of life on the island.

Anderleigh Quarry believes that learning, education, development and initiative are the key ingredients to undertake an active hands on role in shaping the direction of the communities in which we live. We believe that we must live the values, morals and beliefs we hold to build a strong framework for todays fragile environment to ensure tomorrows community and environmental growth is embraced and is above all sustainable and meaningful.

Valery Dhamarrandji loves to drive.

The idea of Valerys Southern Cross family transport is an innovative solution to the high costs of transport for an extended Aboriginal family in Nhulunbuy.

Currently many of the 200 odd residents at Wallaby Beach pay a $50 one way taxi fare to the town of Nhulunbuy where the major shopping and administrative services for the area are located.
Only a few families can afford motor cars.

ACN ( Australian Communication Network ) is a global Telecommuncations Network, which provides the latest digital software, for home & businesses. ACN Headquarters has been based in Sydney, Australia, since 1983, and only has a small percentage of the telecommuncations Networks next to other giants; such as Telstra. ACN is known for their global recognition, and opportunities exist for customers who either want to become Representatives or customers.