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Noomool is the first collaboration between the ISX and Pozible - the Melbourne based crowdfunding group. Please support this project. We seek funding for no ordinary documentary. It is a fight to build awareness about the importance of the incredible pristine environment of the King Sound and a culture in danger of being lost. By investing in this project you are investing in the preservation of this incredible natural environment and the spirit of the Mayala people.

ISX Spotlights and Features
Tabitha Kerr - Inside (2003)*
Tabitha Kerr - Inside (2003)*

After ten years development work in 2014 the ISX is stepping out into a new arena. We will be raising funds directly for Aboriginal businesses. Over the next few months the ISX will be launching a unique, crowd funding website that builds on all of the ISX's regional, national and international supporters. Our website will be re-jigged and we hope that you will find the whole exercise useful and rewarding. All we can say is watch this space!

The Indigenous Stock Exchange (ISX) website is a free market for listing Indigenous business ideas, products, investment opportunities and people. It is not unusual for the site to receive well over 200,000 hits per month.

What we call the ISX "Trading Floor" is a self-directed feast of Australian Indigenous creativity and development. We make no promises or assurances to those who use the site, nor to those who chose to invest in Indigenous businesses or buy Indigenous business products. What we do promise is an open, pre-eminent showcase of Australian Indigenous business, products and opportunities and a strong public stage for introducing ideas and opportunities. We embrace and cultivate an Australian and international audience that includes investors, ethical investors and ordinary people willing to make contributions to support Indigenous initiatives.

Follow these links to learn more and become involved: List an Investment Opportunity or Enterprise;

Market Yourself and Your Services; List an Indigenous Product or Service;

Post an Indigenous Job or Opportunity

Link to Important Indigenous Resources & Organisations.

As the ISX has been gathering information since 2004 we wish to warn visitors that this website may contain images of deceased persons, and/or content of sensitive nature, please feel free to contact us about the removal of sensitive images at Thank your for your assistance in this.


A Taste of Broome 17 April 2013
Stand by for an amazing series of events developed by the one and only Goolarri. Designed to showcase the tastes, music and environment of Broome, the events that are a part of this festival will be worth travelling from any part of Australia and the world to witness. [Read more]

Garma 2013 Garma'wu Buku Lungthuwa (Bringing People Together) 09 August 2013 - 12 August 2013
This year's GARMA is not to be missed. [Read more]

The BAMA ISX is not a financial market and does not sell or trade financial products of any kind.
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