Combining nature, culture & nurture in a true rainforest experience, nestled in a valley,
offering quality accommodation, cuisine with a native twist, authentic Aboriginal culture,
and the world-acclaimed spa. Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa a pure experience.<p>
The perfect base to discover the essence of Tropical North Queensland, exploring the majestic Daintree River, ancient rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.<p>

Vision: One people One Country and One Home, Let's dream and share for all our children's future.

Mission: To unite and grow Australia together for Multicultural peace, harmony and holistic sustainability. To be the first organisation in Australia's history to be functioning in equal partnership in Indigenous Law and Corporate Law. Initially Victoria wide then Australia wide.

Mailing Address: Australia's First Treaty, PO Box 71, Merri Merri- Northcote 3070

Our art centre is located in Roebourne town, also known as Yirramagadu, fifteen hundred kilometres north of Perth. We work together to share our culture and stories through the artwork so that our community and culture stay strong. The paintings reflect our artists individual style, and their unique way of interpreting their stories, culture and the place they live. We create vibrant contemporary paintings that are both beautiful and meaningful.

The aim is to train Indigenous people in Aviation Ground Handling/Air Freight which leads into supporting communities to establish their own aviation business. In addition we are interested in heavy machinery and other logistical operations assocaited with getting into the Mining Industry.

A Resume for Keith Jarby is currently being prepared interested parties should contact me on the phone numbers below.

The landowners have identified tenements on their land to do exploratory mining.

Balkanu is aiming to attract investment in fish farming on indigenous lands in Cape York.

Balkanu is an indigenous business development organisation based in Cairns. We work closely with indigenous communities, land trusts, and individuals throughout Cape York. Our objective is the development of new business and investment on the Cape, working with indigenous people to grow the local economy.


* Rotor Diameter 1,200mm
* Weight 70 kg
* Length 2.0 meters
* Start up Speed: 2.0 m/s
* Rated Power 1.0kW/h
* Blade Multi-Blade
* Average Daily Power Produced (23.89m/s) 7.5 kW
* Kilowatt Hours Per Month 228.16kW at 14 km/h or 3.89 m/s
* Warranty 2 Years

The Briez Turbine is a project being promoted and developed by Peter Moore an Indigenous entrepreneur based in Nowra, NSW. Peter is keen to talk to anyone interested in purchasing the product.

David Wilson has spent many years studying yabby development. With local Indigenous entrepreneur Peter Moore the pair have exciting plans for franchisees to develop a first class yabby farming network. Indigenous landholders and communities that have an interest in aquaculture may be perfect partners and franchisees for the future business.

I am twenty three years old. When I was born my mum Debra Dickerson was only sixteen years old. My Dad split up with her soon after I was born. I am the oldest of five children.
It was hard for my Mum to look after us. I went to live with my Nana and Pop when I was about six.
When I was nine I first got into trouble with the police. I was stealing and I went to juvenile prison and adult prison from that time on. It was a cycle of trouble that just seemed to follow me everywhere.

For many years there has been talk of the need for an informal meeting place for national Indigenous leaders, that is open to all senior Indigenous leaders, with no fixed agenda.
Often Indigenous leaders come together in a crisis or political context where there is very little time to get to know each other, to share ideas and to define common interests. Indigenous Australia is made up of many nations and communities so there is a great need for a common forum with no formal agenda to bring people together annually, to nurture young leaders and to simply shoot the breeze.