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  2004 Seniors Drawn Grand Final

2004 Seniors Drawn Grand Final

More than a footy and netball club!

Why sport is important for life, business and enterprise

There's a new model of sporting club emerging. The slogan is "more than just a footy or netball club". Rumbalara Football and Netball Club where the Yorta Yorta Trading Floor is being held symbolises this new dimension. It's vision, "to be one of Australia's best regional sporting clubs and a leader in promoting community well being", says it all.

"Rumbalara's doors are always open to new players, members, partners and ideas. All you need do is walk through them." Dr Rob Moodie, Foreword, "Rumba is on the Rise The Story of the Rumbalara Football and Netball Club"

When Rumba was formed in 1997 the dream was to capture the glory of the Cummera Invincibles back in the 1890s and 1920s. The Cummeragunja mission was a place where many of the Yorta Yorta people found themselves in the 18th century. Cummeragunja were a force in football. Many say it was because Marn Grook, the original Indigenous model on which Australian rules was based, was avidly played in inter-tribal games. Cummeragunja won grand finals in 1898, then ceased playing until the 1920s, and then won six premierships in 11 seasons, four in succession from 1926-1929 in the Picola Football League.

It was a magnificent day in 1998, one hundred years after Cummeragunya's first premiership, that the newly formed Rumbalara footy club won the Seniors and Reserves Grand Final.

But from the beginning Rumba has been "more than a sporting club". Rumbalara means "end of the rainbow" and it is symbolic of a spiritual and cultural home for the Yorta Yorta people. Sport is interconnected with all aspects of life. The way you carry yourself on a sporting field, your fitness and your health, and your ideas and understanding are all part of the equation.

From the beginning Rumbalara have been innovative. They have created a heathy lifestyles program which involves more than 400 Indigenous participants a month in fitness and health activities. They are working on the development of an Academy of Sport, Health and Education to ensure that pathways in life go from the club into healthy families, sustainable jobs and a strong Indigenous economy and society. They have provided community leadership in youth suicide prevention and health promotion. Rumba's partnership with Ganbina has created 120 jobs in the past twelve months.

Sporting Success: Rumbalara's Gallant 2004 Grand Final Quest

Rumbalara Football and Netball Club is synonomous with Grand Final success. This year in the Australian Rules football the Seniors, Reserves and U14s were all in the Grand Final which were played in the most torrid conditions with only six points separating East Shep and the great Rumbalara Footy Seniors team in the decider!

The Grand Finals this year didn't go Rumbalara's way, but all teams acquitted themselves very well in the toughest conditions. The Rumbalara representatives in u14s, Reserves and Seniors did the club very proud.

The Seniors played two grand finals. The first on Saturday September 11 was a drawn game which meant that everyone had to come back the following weekend. There are no golden point rules in the Central Goulburn Football League! Even though the conditions were freezing and the oval a sea of mud, it was one of the great games of footy with both sides showing great character. At times some of the umpiring decisions were questionable, with neither side gaining any advantage. Of great note for Rumbalara was to see young players throwing everything they had into that mud patch and going hard after the ball.

It's the way you come away from losses that really matters and Rumbalara team members can stand tall. With such a great club losses only mean the wins are not far away. Watch out in 2005 because everyone at Rumba will be twice as hungry!! It's a real challenge to create a winning culture, its an even great challenge to sustain a winning culture! Rumba has all the ingredients to meet that next challenge and let us also hope that the club wins its bid to join the elite footy competition the Goulburn Valley Football League next year.

When you lose its often easy to take it to heart. So let us remind ourselves of the tremendous achievements of the Rumbalara Football Club over recent years.


Grand Finalists Rumbalara Seniors, Reserves, Fourths


A-grade and D-grade Premiers
Kirrilli Atkinson wins League A-grade Best & Fairest Player Award
Sarai Atkinson wins D-Grade Best & Fairest Player Award


RFNC win five premierships including Seniors, Thirds, A-Grade, B-grade, D-grade


RFNC wins A-grade Premiership
A-grade League Best & Fairest was Lindy Wilson for the second year in a row.
Central Goulburn Football League - Leading Goal Kicking Forward in the Thirds was Ricky Briggs.

2000 A-Grade League Best & Fairest Winner was Lindy Wilson
B-Grade League Best & Fairest Winner was Trish McGee
Reserves Leading Goal Kicking Award was Paul Briggs
Thirds Leading Goal Kicking Award was Jared Youie
Fourths Leading Goal Kicking Award was Darren Turner

1999 The Goulburn Valley Football League (GVFL) second division separates from its first division counterpart becoming the Central Goulburn Football League (CGFL) taking Rumbalara with it.
Rumbalara Senior Football team wins back to back Premierships, also makes history again as the first club in the new league (CGFL in its current conception) to win the first premiership for the league.
Bradley Boon wins the League leading Goal Kicking Award D-Grade wins premiership
RFNC is runner up in over all League Club championship award.
Winner of Vic Health state encouragement award Central Goulburn Football League Rookie of the year was Clinton Edwards.


September 19th club wins 3 premierships in its second year of the competition in the GVFL.
Senior and Reserves Football win their first premiership while B-Grade win back to back
Rumbalara Football and Netball Club win the Ken Baker Memorial Championship Club award 1998
Senior Coach Mark Atkinson wins the Coach of the Year award in Goublurn Murray coaches association that covers 5 leagues and 60 clubs. Seniors (Football) win its first premiership, 100 years to the day since Cummergunja had won its first premiership in 1898, RFNC first seniors premiership was also the last premiership to be won under the banner of the GVFL second division.


March 21 official launch of the Rumblara Football and Netball Club.
Rumbalara forms the 8th club in Goulburn Valley Football League Second Division
D-Grade Netball win premiership pennant.

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