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Noomool is the first collaboration between the ISX and Pozible - the Melbourne based crowdfunding group. Please support this project. We seek funding for no ordinary documentary. It is a fight to build awareness about the importance of the incredible pristine environment of the King Sound and a culture in danger of being lost. By investing in this project you are investing in the preservation of this incredible natural environment and the spirit of the Mayala people.

News indexed by subject

ASHOF help request

Aboriginal Wine Success

  • First Indigenous Female Parliamentarian goes to Israel 03 January 2006
    Mrs. Carol Martin, Member for Kimberley in the Western Australian Parliament, will be traveling to Israel in January as the 2006 National Australia Bank Yachad Fellow. She will be conducting an examination of Israeli approaches to community capacity-building and their potential applicability in the Australian Indigenous context.

Aged Care

  • Annika's Yawuru Performance 06 July 2004
    19 year old Annika Pitt's performance of Natives of the Land and Sea moved everyone at the Yawuru Trading Floor. Annika is well known as a radio announcer on Goolarri Radio but her singing draws praise from everyone who hears her.

  • Cobell Case Reaching Climax 13 July 2005
    Cobell v. Norton is a class-action lawsuit filed on June 10, 1996, in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. to force the federal government to account for billions of dollars belonging to approximately 500,000 American Indians and their heirs, and held in trust since the late 19th century. It was initiated by a Elouise Cobell, a remarkable woman and member of the Blackfeet tribe in Montana.

  • Curb in Indigenous Art Sales 29 July 2005
    Peter Lain has posted some articles about falling demand for Indigenous Art in our forums section.

  • DOTARS to support Yawuru Trading Floor 07 May 2004
    DOTARS is supporting the Yawuru Trading Floor with much needed funding for our video conference around the nation on May 19.

  • Deputy Chairman's Successful Melbourne Visit 15 September 2004
    The announcement of the ISX's award as a laureate of the Tech Museum in San Francisco generated a number of media articles. The best was Larry Schwartz' profile of Kevin Fong and the ISX in The Age newspaper.

  • Good Morning Cape York 27 October 2005
    Local radio for Cape York Communities

    NIPA wins $15,000 innovation grant.

  • ODN - Making the Net Work 15 May 2004
    The Outback Digital Network (ODN) formed in 1999 is a formidable network of peoples and technology. This extraordinary Indigenous company is making the webcast and videoconference on May 19 possible.

  • Our Outback- Partnerships and Pathways to Success in Tourism -Report for Comment 14 October 2005
    Comments must be in by October 24

  • Some Tips from London 11 May 2005
    Malcolm Maclean joined Andrew Mawson for our Yorta Yorta trading floor webcast from London. It was remarkable the instant rappore that occurred. Malcolm's new book is most relevant for people starting their own businesses in rural and remote communities - its about earning a living by doing what you love!

  • Sunshine Coast Reconciliation Group 08 October 2005
    Latest Newsletter

  • ‘The Country Needs Its People – People Need Their Country' 10 June 2005
    Here in the NT, particularly in central Australia , Aboriginal people are the major landowners and hold title to 51% of the CLC region. Much of this land was granted to traditional owners (under the Land Rights Act) because it was too marginal for pastoralism - the land was no good for anybody else. The path to a sustainable livelihood for Aboriginal people on their own country is by no means a clear one and I do not pretend to have all the answers to the many challenges involved. It will not happen overnight and there is no room for a 'cut and run' approach. However, it is beyond doubt that the country still needs its people as much as the people need their country.

Alkali Lake film to be shown at Aust Indigenous AA National Convention

  • The Alkali Lake Community Story 26 March 2007
    The Lismore AA Indigenous Peoples Group is VERY pleased to announce that Phyllis and Andy Chelsea from Alkali Lake (BC Canada) have accepted their invitation to be Guest Speakers at the National Indigenous AA Convention in November!


Banking and micro-finance

Bone Marrow Donor Needed

Caring for Country

  • Historic Celebration May 14, Munro Martin Park, Cairns 11 May 2005
    On Saturday May 14th in Munro Martin Park, Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation and the Traditional Knowledge Recording Project will host an event titled “Dr. Celebration” to help celebrate a landmark and historic occasion. The day will feature live indigenous music, live bands, dancers, performers, guest speakers and information and food stalls.


Cattle Industry

  • Indigebeef 07 July 2004
    The latest edition of KAPA's interesting newsletter is now on line and can be downloaded to your computer with a double click. Find out about what is happening in the Indigenous Cattle Industry.

Community Enterprise

Cultural Development

  • Descendance's Endless European Summer 06 September 2005
    Its been a hell of a year for Descendance with tours to Korea (twice), Florida, Los Angeles, Hawaii, New Zealand, Russia ,Germany, Hungary, and we are now due to return to Disneyworld in Florida for six weeks from Sept 26th.

  • Kuku Thaypan Project Awakens Museum Treasures. 16 November 2004
    A Cape York indigenous elder from the Laura region has visited the Australian Museum to examine traditional artifacts and explain their significance. Tommy George Snr. travelled to Sydney recently where he recorded his comprehensive knowledge of the origins, uses and stories connected to a number of pieces of the W.E. Roth collection. The information was visually documented with a video camera by the Kuku Thaypan Traditional Knowledge Recording Project and will be linked into their multi-media database.

  • Kullarri NAIDOC Festival 23 May 2006
    June 30th – July 15th

    Welcome to the first ever Kullarri NAIDOC Festival, an exciting 15 days of activities showcasing the unique Indigenous cultural heritage and the diversity and excellence of talent of Indigenous peoples of the region. The Kullarri NAIDOC Festival has been developed from local NAIDOC Week celebrations and involves the communities of Broome, Bidyadanga and the Dampier Peninsula.

Economic Opportunity


Employment and training

  • Federal Government Supports AES 11 May 2005
    The Federal government have funded the Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) with a grant of $17m. AES Founder Dick Estens said, "By getting behind AES, the Federal Government is demonstrating its commitment to Aboriginal jobseekers. The impact will be huge and it will bring hope back to many communities".

  • Goolarri Media wins 2004 Minister’s Award for Excellence 22 September 2004
    Goolarri Media Enterprises has just been named winner for the Minister’s Award for Excellence for employers of New Apprentices in Northern WA for 2004.

  • Ladders to Success 24 September 2004
    Ladders to Success, is a unique Goulburn Valley project being run through Ganbina. It facilitates the transition of Indigenous people into the workforce. The concept is about being able to assist everyone to move one step up the Ladder of Success.

  • Minister launches New Indigenous Employment Strategy 20 June 2005
    The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), Australia’s largest and most representative business organisation, has welcomed the release of Employing Indigenous Australians – an Indigenous Employment Strategy Framework for Industry by the Federal Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, the Hon Kevin Andrews MP.

  • The Latest Update from East Kimberley's Wunan Foundation 11 October 2005
    Pathways Newsletter

Enterprise Development

  • Another Great Year for Wunan 14 February 2005
    East Kimberley's Wunan Foundation have had another great year.

  • Indigenous Business Portal announced 11 August 2005
    A letter from Indigenous Biz, New Zealand

  • Introducing Ganbina 24 September 2004
    Ganbina is the Yorta Yorta word meaning to awake or arise. It is the name that has been given to the peak Indigenous representative body for economic employment and training in the Goulburn Valley. In the lead up to the Yorta Yorta trading floor, the ISX would like to point investors to the Ganbina website. Link to Ganbina

    One of the ongoing roles of the ISX is to provide a link between Indigenous economic development agencies, businesses and the wider investment community. We hope you will visit Ganbina's website and contact them with any queries you may have about Indigenous economic development in the Goulburn Valley area of Victoria.

  • Why Most Indigenous Business Ventures Fail and What To Do About It? 03 February 2005
    85% of all new business ventures (not just Indigenous Businesses)fail in Australia, in their first 5 years of business. You must plan to succeed from the very first day you decide to go into business writes Roger Green.



Film and Television


  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Indigenous Enterprise 11 November 2004
    One of the major issues at the Tech Museum Awards was the increasing importance of corporate social responsibility.

  • The Nation's Treasurer visits Cape York 22 July 2005
    It's always good to see the nation's politicians taking an interest in Indigenous affairs. Treasurer Peter Costello's visit to Cape York has received wide coverage. When figures like Costello pay attention, it is useful for everyone.



  • Secrets of Franchising 07 June 2005
    Owen Jarvis leader of the UK Community Action Network's social franchising strategy, Beanstalk, recently visited Australia on a Churchill Scholarship. He had some interesting information that he passed on to a number of groups including Balkanu and Goolarri Media in Cairns. The ISX hopes to pass on more learnings from the UK experience.

Green Money

  • Socially Responsible Investment 23 February 2005
    The award-winning ‘GreenMoney Journal’ has its Spring 2005 "Socially Responsible Investing: The Triple Bottom Line - People, Planet, and Profits" issue, now online at-

Healing the world a step at a time



  • Chewyings Lawn & Horticulture 30 March 2005
    Rob and Melinda Chewying have achieved a great deal in their ten years of small business development. Now it is officially recognised with a four star rating from Micronavigator. Rob tells the story of the process of obtaining the rating.

  • Indigenous Sandalwood 24 August 2005
    The article in the Weekend Australian said it all: "Bush Bounty" but when will Indigenous communities be given the opportunity to harvest sandalwood on their own country.

  • Support Eddie Currie to win more investment for his business 19 September 2005
    Eddie has won $25,000 to help him realise his dream, an Indigenous Nursery growing herbs and spices that can be used in a range of bushtucker sauces, jams, spice blends, fruit products and chutneys.There were over 4,400 enteries this year from Australia and New Zealand.

Indigenous Business Award

    The Ethnic Business Awards are a celebration of the diversity and success of the Australian nation. The Awards recognise those Australians – from the full range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds – who have achieved success in business. There is now a category for Indigenous Australians who are making their mark in business.

Indigenous Cultural Heritage

Indigenous Economic Development

Information Technology

  • Ebay & Accenture Salute ISX 11 November 2004
    Ebay representatives and Accenture partner Thomas A. Hess were amongst the 1500 guests present to celebrate the ISX as a laureate of Silicon Valley's Tech Museum.

  • ISX the toast of Silicon Valley 11 November 2004
    Chairman Gerhardt Pearson and Deputy Chair Kevin Fong have spent a hectic few days talking to key corporations and business groups in Silicon Valley.

Land Rights

Lingiari Lecture

Long Grass

  • Mainstream Indigenous Media Interview of the Year? 17 June 2005
    It was an amazing story on this morning's AM program. Midst the law and order campaigns of the Northern Territory election, Tony Eastley found the great David Gulpilil, long grassing it....


  • Gimme More News 07 April 2005
    The latest news from the place where the red earth meets the blue sea!

  • The Latest from Goolarri 23 June 2005
    All the latest news from Goolarri where the red earth meets the blue sea.


  • Small Start Offers Big Hopes 01 September 2005
    Tony Parkinson's article published in The AGE on Chairman Gerhardt Pearson and Deputy Chairman Kevin Fong's speech to the United Nations Conference on Micro-Finance held in Melbourne on the 30 August, 2005

Mining Industry

  • Skills Shortages in the Australian Minerals Industry 07 June 2005
    At the recent Minerals Week 05 conference in Canberra, the Minerals Council warned that Skills Shortages threatened the expansion of the minerals industry in Australia. One of the key ways to expand the labour pool is to include more Indigenous people in work in the mining industry. The number of tradespersons has grown from 27,000 to 41,800 in the mineral sector in just two years!


  • Fitzroy XPress win Deadly Award 23 September 2005
    The Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House came alive on Thursday 22 September 2005 for the 11th annual National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music, sport, entertainment and community awards - The Deadlys.

NSW North Coast, National Aboriginal Art Exhibition

National Indigenous Alcoholics Anonymous Convention.


  • KDC Sponsors Yawuru Trading Floor 15 April 2004
    Forging a link with past and future trading floors and Indigenous business development, the Kimberley Development Corporation (KDC) has become a sponsor of the Yawuru Trading Floor in Broome.


Scoping Study Input Requested

  • Scoping Study Input Requested 11 October 2010
    Input requested to assist with an initial scoping study to start exploring possible enterprises that utilise the potential of Aboriginal land assets.


  • GO RUMBA! 07 September 2005
    Every team makes the finals!!!

  • Introducing ASHE! 04 November 2004
    The primary goal of the Academy of Sport, Health and Education is to contribute to a significant improvement in the health, education and employment outcomes for the Indigenous community of the Goulburn Valley region, to be achieved through courses and activities built around sport and sport-related areas, which are inclusive and open to the wider community, and which foster personal development, leadership and integration.

  • More than a footy and netball club! 24 September 2004
    There's a new model of sporting club emerging. The slogan is "more than just a footy or netball club". Rumbalara Football and Netball Club where the Yorta Yorta Trading Floor is being held symbolises this new dimension. It's vision, "to be one of Australia's best regional sporting clubs and a leader in promoting community well being", says it all.

  • Rumba 14s take flag 13 September 2005


    "This is the true story of two men who battle alcoholism and eventually go on to start global mutual-help group Alcoholics Anonymous.



  • TWO "INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY" CONFERENCES (Brisbane & Sydney) 09 April 2008
    Engaging with Communities to Improve Cultural, social and Economic Outcomes and stability Effective Community Engagement strategies Refocusing Partnerships to Enhance Opportunities and Reducing disadvantage Bringing Communities Together through Culture, Education and the Arts Bridging the divide Between Indigenous Policy development and Real Outcomes


  • ARDI Elects Officials 12 April 2005

  • Northern Territory to Host Australian Indigenous Tourism Conference 2006 13 October 2005
    Press Release from WAITOC

  • Postcard from Pajinka 18 August 2004
    Pajinka's EOI process for its re-development is still underway and while it progresses, here is the latest news.

  • Support for Micro Loans on Dampier Peninsula 12 July 2004
    At their meeting at Lombadina on 22 June 2004 Dampier Peninsula Tourism Operators called for the development of micro-loans to support regional initiatives.

  • Walker Tours a Success in Wujal Wujal 20 July 2004
    Tomorrow’s first anniversary of the Walker family’s tours to Bloomfield Falls is a milestone in the journey towards indigenous economic independence through small enterprise. Balkanu congratulates Wujal Wujal Walker Family Tours for their ongoing prosperity and contribution as a role model to the wider community in Cape York.

Trading Floor

  • Carol Martin to open Yawuru Trading Floor 15 April 2004
    Carol Martin MLA, Member for the Kimberley, the first Indigenous woman elected to an Australian Parliament is to open the Yawuru Trading Floor on May 19.


Venture Capital

  • So you are seeking Venture Capital? 28 November 2005
    The ABS survey of Venture Capital is the place to really drill down into the detail to understand this important financial market area.


  • Letter of Support from Premier Gallop 07 September 2004
    It's always good to gain a letter of support from a Premier. All at the ISX would like to thank Premier Gallop for his government's support of the Yawuru Trading Floor.

Yawuru Trading Floor

  • Limited Spaces for Yawuru Trading Floor in Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns 10 May 2004
    There are only limited spaces for attending the Yawuru trading floor webcast and video conference in Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns. Please register now by faxing or emailing your registration. Last date for registrations Friday.

  • Muhammad Yunus calls for social Stock Exchange 07 May 2004
    The founder of Bangladesh's Grameen ("People's") Bank has called for a social stock exchange.

  • YAWURU LIVE! 18 June 2004
    Why is everyone is talking about the spirit and the ideas that emerged from the Yawuru Trading Floor? Check out the highlights. Film Clips now on-line!

  • Yawuru Latest Listings 14 May 2004
    The Yawuru Trading Floor has attracted a record number of 33 listings. Now the job begins to create the discussion, support and financial investment in these enterprises. Please check the latest schedule of events in Broome for next Wednesday's trading floor.

Youth Development

  • Cape York Young Women's Project 18 November 2005
    The Cape York Young Women’s Project is continuing an exciting initiative that is taking small but deliberate steps to reduce welfare dependancy and is working towards providing selfsufficient opportunities for the Young Women of Cape York.

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