You will find a host of materials and resources about our work to build capacity for the Aboriginal community, as well as important work by others who share our common aim on the sidebar indexes on the left of the screen.

The ISX has many years of work all accessible in digital format to access webcast clips from our trading floor activities, proceedings, speeches, papers, reports, media articles, how-to-manuals, multi-media, even summaries of meetings between investors and Aboriginal business people. Please contact the ISX national secretary Peter Botsman for access to particular resources or if you have difficulty accessing information.

The resources section is also where we feature artworks by individiual artisans who do not have access to a gallery or professional art retail outlet. This online gallery is a place where artists can submit art images as well as price and contact details for their artworks.

We invite readers to forward resources for publication to our Voluntary Secretary, ISX. Also don't forget our online forums which are where you can enter into ongoing discussions with our many readers and make comments about resources and any dimension of the ISX activities.