Are you experienced and qualified in the food industry?

Would you like the opportunity to venture into your own business with access to the facilities of a well established
Aboriginal Corporation in a prime North Coast beach location?

Yarrawarra Aboriginal Corporation is seeking an engaging, innovative and enthusiastic food operator who is
looking for a new and exciting challenge. Located within the Yarrawarra cultural complex, Yurral Bush Tucker
cafe is located close to the glorious beaches of the mid North Coast and the growing Coffs Harbour regions.

Project location is QLD, Old Mapoon via Weipa, Cape York.

We want to create employment and training opportunities for local indigenous community members and to to build a sustainable community.

Agriculture, forestry and fishing

We want to create agriculture, forestry and fishing businesses that are Indigenous from top to bottom. We want to see more Indigenous Traineeships for young local indigenous residents.


<li><a href=""> Djali Ganambarr and Timmy Djawa Burarrwanga give you a taste of Bawaka</a><p></li>

Leaders and members of the Burarrwanga, Mununggirritj and Yunupingu families (Gumatj Clan) welcome you as a visitor to our homeland.<p>

Lirrwi Yolngu Tourism Aboriginal Corporation represents a number of Aboriginal tourism operators in the East Arnhem Region of Australia's Northern Territory.

Lirrwi Yolngu Tourism Aboriginal Corporation brings people together to share our Yolngu culture, break down barriers and build successful tourism businesses. Working from north-east Arnhem Land in Australias Northern Territory, we aim to:

Nyinyikay Homeland, north of Nhulunbuy in East Arnhem Land is the home of home of Nancy Mutilnga Burrarwanga and her family, who live a very traditional lifestyle.

When visitors come to Nyinyikay they will have an opportunity to share the daily life of the Nyinyikay families and to develop new awareness, knowledge and skills of traditional Aboriginal culture by participating in a wide range of activities.

Two dynamic women who have lived in their remote ancestral homeland of Mapuru in North East Arnhem Land all their lives have developed workshops in their community to share their culture with others. Daily they spin and weave articles that they need for themselves, their relatives, for ceremonies and for sale. These sisters have remarkable skill, which is shown by the extent to which they have travelled throughout Australia teaching their skills through workshops at galleries and museums.

In every town with a significant Aboriginal population there are places where the community congregates to talk and to pass on their respects.

Make a comment or post any questions you may have about our enterprise at the Yalanji Mataka forum at this link:
We look forward to your input!

<b>Yalanji Mataka/ 2011 Statement of Investment Needs</b>

<b>Warehouse/Garage in Mossman with caretakers accommodation</b>

It's been over two years since George and Lily Fishers' historic Daintree home burned down. The Mossman community have rallied to the cause raising over $14,000 for a building fund to rebuild their home.

The ISX has long had the view that home ownership is a vital part of the 'closing the gap' project for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. But in the Fishers' case it is about having the comfort of spending the years ahead in their own house on their own land.

YJMAC was incorporated in 2004 and has since recorded previously undocumented traditional bio-cultural knowledge such as stories, hunting, gathering, ceremonial practices, art, use of bush foods and medicine, language, ethics, clan boundaries, sacred sites, family histories and land management practices.

During this project Elders, who have now passed on, shared knowledge which would otherwise been lost to future EKY generations.