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Noomool is the first collaboration between the ISX and Pozible - the Melbourne based crowdfunding group. Please support this project. We seek funding for no ordinary documentary. It is a fight to build awareness about the importance of the incredible pristine environment of the King Sound and a culture in danger of being lost. By investing in this project you are investing in the preservation of this incredible natural environment and the spirit of the Mayala people.

Singing Vibrations

My name is Shelly Atkins I am a Yamitji woman from the Widi Mob WA, calling Tamworth NSW home. With 17 years industry experience I am recognised nationally as a female indigenous singer/songwriter and recording artist, being the first female artist to be signed with CAAMA music in Alice Springs. I Come from a strong musical background with father, Mark Atkins; national and internationally renowned didgeridoo player, recording artist and member of the Black Arm Band and my aunties, Singer songwriters Donna and Sandy Atkins being my inspiration, supporters and mentors through- out my life. I am passionate about aboriginal culture, youth and music, being a contemporary indigenous artist I understand the problems artists face in trying to promote their music and the shortage of venues that support up and coming original contemporary indigenous artists. Through years of hard work I have gained industry experience and have significant support and respect from industry organisations and artist's locally and nationally, with this I am able to help increase positive out- comes for indigenous artists.

The Singing Vibration Project venues address the shortage of facilities and equipment in the area, maximising opportunities for emerging indigenous musicians; targeting support to improve sustainability for communities and artists, the NSW department of Aboriginal Affairs, Tamworth Regional Council Youth Centre and other stakeholders are holding a week long Aboriginal Cultural Showcase to coincide with the Tamworth Country Music Festival. The purpose of the event is to show case and develop emerging Aboriginal musicians and provide a unique space to highlight all aspects of aboriginal culture. Singing Vibrations will work in partnership with the Arts North West regional Arts board; they are happy to offer their support, they have stated that they will be pleased to partner in promoting this project through their considerable regional arts networks. Arts North West feel such a venue has strong synergies with other successful ventures such as The Industry Showcase in Tamworth and also TAFE's new music studio. "If the New England North West, indeed the whole of Australia, is to grow our strong pool of aboriginal musicians we must provide them with the resources and the opportunity to develop or strengthen their audiences. The accessible venue proposal does just that." Jane Kareis- Arts North West. I believe the project meets the needs expressed by aboriginal people and will Build strength and capacity in Aboriginal people and communities. I have provided letters of support from the local community, artist's, government and non-government organisations that clearly state the need and support for such a project and they have out-lined ways in which S.V.P venues will Deliver direct sustainable benefits to Aboriginal people.

I ask for your support in the proposed project and I implore you to give me a chance in making my dream a reality. I am an indigenous woman striving to build a future for myself and my children; we can spend our whole lives thinking "What can I do to make a difference? I am only one person", Not me, I believe I can make a difference; I just haven't been given the opportunities required to reach my fullest potential. I ask you to believe in the Singing Vibrations Project, and to support the long term goals outlined above.

Letters of Support: Aboriginal Cultural Showcase

Letters of Support: Arts North West

Letters of Support: NSW Aboriginal Affairs

Indigenous music attracts large indigenous audiences and have a devoted following amongst indigenous and non indigenous audiences. The proposed project, "Singing Vibrations" is committed in strengthening the exposure of indigenous contemporary music between local communities and the state and territories by creating Australia's first indigenous, independently owned live music venue(s).

The Singing Vibrations Project (S.V.P) focuses on community support and creative indigenous Australia; by partnering with government and non-government organisations; communities and private sectors we will be able to generate more opportunities for artists to support them with funding, education, and mentoring, touring and live performance.

In more remote parts of Australia there are higher participation rates in music; but with the shortage of infrastructure, such as performing and recording facilities, venues, equipment and micro-touring circuits many opportunities are being lost. With long term commitment and promise, the project aims to assist in supplying sustainable solutions to the challenges and problems facing the exposure of Indigenous contemporary music; and with the future development of "Bringing the Singing Vibrations Project to your Home" initiative, in expanding to regional and remote towns and cities, providing strategically positioned S.V.P "venues" across our borders, and by working in partnership with local communities we are able to ensure the venues will be able to meet the different needs of urban, regional and remote areas. This enables the project to assist in social and economic growth in Indigenous communities as it encourages active engagement by so many people, particularly young people.

Singing Vibrations Studio - is a live performance theatre concept that has two main business concepts, and is committed to support Indigenous contemporary Music by means of providing a venue(s) that helps enable the exposure and opportunities for emerging Indigenous musicians; by being part of the micro- touring circuit that will support indigenous musician's more than mainstream venues.

The S.V.P Studio - a live performance venue(s) housed inside Singing Vibrations building, with a food and alcoholic beverage service. The venues gallery style interior wall spaces will be exclusively set aside to exhibit traditional and contemporary artworks, created by local indigenous artists. The studio houses its own in-house PA complete with fold back speakers and a 24 channel desk. We also hope to provide artists with up to date Backline equipment including; bass and guitar amplifiers; a full sized drum kit; Semi acoustic guitars; and a Roland digital piano-88 keys. The Studio will also include a pro- tools operated digital recording studio and digital video recording equipment, maximising opportunities for indigenous artists to promote themselves.

The S.V.P Studio will secure an on premises liquor license where alcohol is not the primary activity, with strict in house policies and procedures in place addressing the responsible service of alcohol working directly with local councils and licensing sergeant addressing all issues and concerns that may arise when obtaining a liquor license, and ways in which to overcome them. The Studio operating hours Thursday-Saturday 6pm-Midnight. The S.V.P's Studio aims to promote and support indigenous and non indigenous artists and organisations locally and nationally. The Indigenous and live performance industry is growing. Indeed over the last two decades, Indigenous music has grown into a distinct domestic and export product in the same manner as indigenous painting.

Singing Vibrations Education Facility- an instrument and vocal performance and development facility providing tuition work-shops, recording, training, mentoring and innovating programs such as The Singing Vibrations Indigenous Youth Music Development Program, available to members of the local community and surrounding areas. S.V.P education facility is open to the community providing a space for artist's to teach, and participate in workshops or record copies of their original works. By assisting artists with setting up with their own ABN and teaching basic business knowledge this will assist indigenous people in becoming independently sustainable.

All S.V.P venues will also provide communities with a venue hire service, perfect for CD and book launches, enables networking, art exhibitions, fashion shows, business meetings and private parties.

S.V.P venues are indigenously owned and predominately indigenous staffed. The venue presents a space for artist locally and nationally to perform also providing services with the ability to produce artists a copy of their live recordings. S.V.P venues will be working with artists, creating artist profiles and live video recordings with links to sites like YouTube, MySpace, and direct to the venues official web site. The studio will also offer hands on work experience with innovating programs developed for local creative arts members of the community, by working closely in partnership with TAFE and other organisations, students will have the opportunity to work directly in their chosen area; sound, lighting, recording, live performance, digital recording and editing. It is a unique project with the ability to help indigenous communities become sustainable.

Singing Vibrations, an Indigenous owned, live entertainment, community and education venue with liquor license in Tamworth NSW. We wish to build and retain a business with a reputation for professionalism, and quality live entertainment, supporting Indigenous Australia. I have already obtained council DA approval with liquor license in Tamworth NSW, and also secured a commercial leased building in the heart of the CBD.

Tamworth is home to the prestigious Tamworth Country Music Festival and the Annual Cultural Showcase which coincides with the T.C.M.F, the Singing Vibrations Project will be a welcomed addition. With a large following of indigenous country music fans attending each year and artists like the Knox family; Rodger and Buddy Knox, Troy Casa Daley, Mark Atkins, Warren Williams, Charlie Trindle, Archie Roach and many more attending each year enhances the succession of the S.V.P venue in Tamworth and confirms the need for such a venue.

The S.V.P venues are commercial by nature however; the project does not purely have commercial propositions. The overall characteristics of the project is to support indigenous people and communities by providing a venue and resources with the ability to create employment opportunities for indigenous artists and employment opportunities for indigenous communities offering positions in; hospitality and entertainment along with music industry positions, lighting, sound, recording and stage-hand also supporting youth through work experience programs . S.V.P venue's also provides an education facility which is highly motivated by community participation.

The project will be managed and built to meet the specific needs for local individuals; and communities by creating opportunities for indigenous artists; and by partnering with non government and government organisations, together, we can look at ways that incorporates creative and innovative approaches to building the capacity of aboriginal people and communities. I am asking for a once of funding support that will lead to building a stronger creative Australia. Involvement in music can cultivate improved income streams; enhance community pride in culture and young people and be an opportunistic way to facilitate awareness in health, violence and substance abuse in young people and communities.


Singing Vibrations venue and education Facility launch March 2012.

Developing the Bringing The Singing Vibrations Project To your Home initiative. Our long term goals and commitments involve an extensive 7 year plan which sets its sights in launching S.V.P venues in every state and territory.
Anticipated dates are as followed; 2012- Tamworth NSW; 2014 - QLD; 2015-Northern Territory; 2016- x two S.V.P venues in WA; 2017-SA 2018- ACT; and 2019 Tasmania. Each S.V.P venue will be individually developed to suit each community, council and the local indigenous people's cultural strengths; offering personalised programmes and employment opportunities for artists and members of the community. S.V.P venues are independently indigenous owned and predominately managed; and staffed by indigenous communities and people.
May 2012 Singing Vibrations Indigenous Youth Music Development Programme commences. The six month programme consists of twenty five hand- picked local indigenous youth aged 12 years-17years. The programme focuses on the cultural, social and economic advancement of young aboriginal people and aims to foster and educate students in all aspects of the music business focusing on building positive self-identities and positive leadership skills. Students will have the opportunity to participate in live performance, touring, recording, song-writing, and will be personally mentored and tutored in their chosen creative area.
NAIDOC week celebrations 1st - 8th July. The S.V.P venue will be actively involved in the NAIDOC week celebrations, offering FREE, didgeridoo and aboriginal art workshops; also exhibiting local indigenous art works; and Supporting local emerging aboriginal artists by providing the venue for them to perform and record. NAIDOC week comes at an opportunistic time, ending two days into the Tamworth Hats Off to Country mini festival, providing local indigenous artists the capacity to perform in front of a wider audience.
Tamworth Hats Off to country mini festival 7th - 10th July.
S.V.P venue is proud to support and showcase local indigenous artists and national indigenous touring artists through -out the four day festival.
Tamworth Country Music Festival 16th - 26th January 2013.

Lead Organisation/Agency

yamitji/ widi mob

Type of Support Needed


Type of Mentoring Needed

Capital raising

Amount of Investment Needed

$100K - $250K

Type of Investment Needed

Project Funding for 5 Years
Start-up grant
Start-up loan
Venture capital investment


Cultural Development
Economic Opportunity
Youth Development


Australia-wide operation
NSW - New England

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For further information

Contact  :  Shelly atkins
Phone  :  02 67690246
Mobile  :  0423347360
Email  :
WWW  : (N.B. must begin with http://)


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