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Noomool is the first collaboration between the ISX and Pozible - the Melbourne based crowdfunding group. Please support this project. We seek funding for no ordinary documentary. It is a fight to build awareness about the importance of the incredible pristine environment of the King Sound and a culture in danger of being lost. By investing in this project you are investing in the preservation of this incredible natural environment and the spirit of the Mayala people.

Bawaka Cultural Experiences

  • Djali Ganambarr and Timmy Djawa Burarrwanga give you a taste of Bawaka

  • Welcome

    Leaders and members of the Burarrwanga, Mununggirritj and Yunupingu families (Gumatj Clan) welcome you as a visitor to our homeland.

    Bawaka Cultural Experiences is a fully Indigenous owned and operated. Bawaka is home to the Burarrwanga family who specialise in Indegnous cultural awareness and immersion experiences for tourists and corporate groups. Through their business they aim to:

    • Share the significant way of life of Bawaka people with others.

    • Teach others to respect the environment, culture and sacred areas.

    • Provide an experience with the land and the people to promote cultural understanding to the wider world.

    • Provide opportunities for employment and training for Yolngu people at home and to teach them to take responsibility for their rights and their future, so we can grow together.

    How to enjoy your experience

    To get the most out of your visit you are encouraged to be on 'Yolngu time' - there is no fixed schedule, relax and enjoy!

    Our culture varies greatly from that of most visitors - please be open minded, patient and willing to learn.

    Generally speaking, we dress conservatively and would appreciate if you could do the same (no bikinis please).

    Our elders are wise and knowledgeable and must be treated with great respect.

    One of our family will be with you at all times - please do not wander from the group. There are many sacred sites in the area and you are requested to respect our culture by staying with your host.

    In our culture you are given information on a 'needs to know' basis. There are many things we are very willing to talk about and share information and other things we are not. If we choose not to respond to your question or give a minimal answer please accept it.

    The carrying and consumption of alcohol and other drugs is prohibited.

    Opportunities in 2011

    Wangany Dhukarr (One Direction Education)Cross Cultural Awareness Program.

    2 Days/1 Night. (min group size 8) Suitable for government and corporate groups.

    $1,100 per person

    Program Description

    One Direction Education is a valuable and memorable program designed to bridge the cultural divide between Yolngu and non-Yolngu people, enhancing respect through awareness and understanding. Passionate about improving relationships between mainstream and Yolngu society, Burarrwanga family members from Bawaka in Port Bradshaw share history, customs, language, stories and knowledge of the land in this two-day immersion program. When you arrive at Bawaka homeland, you will be stepping onto the land that our ancestors walked. You will be living and tasting first hand, the world of Yolngu culture. Participants will learn about Yolngu traditions, beliefs, kinship systems, avoidance relationships, clans and skin names. Away from modern conveniences, you will gain a greater level of understanding and respect for the Yolngu people's culture and lifestyle by sharing experiences with the Burarrwanga family in a simple but comfortable and relaxing environment. It is easy to appreciate Yolngu connections with the land and the sea when you arrive at picturesque Bawaka in North-East Arnhem Land. It is an idyllic tropical paradise perched on the edge of the Gulf of Carpentaria, overlooking pristine white beaches and untouched bushland - the perfect setting for a Yolngu cultural education program. One Direction Education is for people who come into contact with Yolngu people in their daily work, people whose decisions and policies will affect Yolngu people, or those with an interest in Yolngu culture.

    • ------------------------

    Gay'wu (Dillybag) Women's Program - 2 days/1 night (min group size 8)

    Cost $1,100 per person

    Program Description

    This intimate program takes women visitors on a spiritual and cultural journey with Yolngu women of North-East Arnhem Land to be enriched by their stories, traditions, knowledge and ways of life on their homeland of Bawaka in the Northern Territory. Step into one of the most ancient cultures in the world as the Yolngu women welcome you into their daily life. Sit with them to learn about basket weaving techniques that are interwoven with powerful stories and tradition; gather medicinal plants for traditional healing methods; listen to their stories and learn about the language, relationships and ceremonies. Feel the women's spiritual connection to the land and sea and discover the magic of dawn at a special morning session. Participants of the Gay'wu (Dillybag) Women's Program will develop a special connection with the Yolngu women, the land and the sea in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bawaka in Port Bradshaw, is an idyllic tropical paradise perched on the edge of the Gulf of Carpentaria, blessed with pristine white beaches and untouched bushland. To get the most out of your visit, you are encouraged to reset your clock to Yolngu time where there is no fixed schedule. Let the land dictate your activities as you relax and enjoy the days as they unfold.

    Lead Organisation/Agency

    Lirrwi Yolngu Tourism Aboriginal Corporation

    Type of Support Needed

    Please come and experience our homelands, our culture and support our business by doing so.




    Northern Territory
    Northern Territory - East Arnhem Land

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    For further information

    Contact  :  Karen Young
    Phone  :  08 8987 3433
    Mobile  :  0487 333 660
    Fax  :  08 8987 2304
    Email  :
    WWW  :


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