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Noomool is the first collaboration between the ISX and Pozible - the Melbourne based crowdfunding group. Please support this project. We seek funding for no ordinary documentary. It is a fight to build awareness about the importance of the incredible pristine environment of the King Sound and a culture in danger of being lost. By investing in this project you are investing in the preservation of this incredible natural environment and the spirit of the Mayala people.

Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Foundation

The major project being presented to the ISX for investment and support and currently being undertaken by the foundation is the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Cultural Centre.

This project has been under discussion and is now emerging towards development.

CEO of the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Foundation, Evan Maloney, describes the centre and a three dimensional model of what it will look like is presented:

Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Cultural Centre

About the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Foundation

The Wharlu Song

A great storm rose towards Ieramugado (Roebourne). The sea snake had come inland, the Gurran Gurran bird leading him. At day break Ieramugado (Roebourne) was under water. The Yindjibarndi people thought they would be killed by the coastal sea snake (Wharlu), so they called up the freshwater snake from the Fortesque River to save them. The snakes fought a long battle in the sky and the freshwater snake pushed the sea snake back to the sea and the Yindjibarndi people were allowed to stay in Ieramugado.

Abstract from the film 'Exile of the Kingdom' - narrated and co-written by Roger Solomon (deceased), Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Elder.

  • ---------------------------------------

In 2000, Elders from the Ngarluma, coastal people, and the Yindjibarndi, tableland people, formed with Woodside Energy Ltd.. and their North West Shelf Venture partners an agreement under which compensation for land use of the Burrup Penninsula and areas of the Shire of Roebourne is obtained. The Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Foundation Ltd was formed to receive this compensation, and ensure the long term management of the funds.

The Foundation is governed by a 12 member Board of Governance which is guided by a Constitution with specific rules and purposes. It instructs the structure of Board representation, Foundation membership, and the control and use of the money. The following set of objectives are part of the constitution.

Objectives of the Foundation

The Foundation is established to promote the interests of the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi people by:

  • creating and operating initiatives for social, cultural, economic, business and educational development;
  • creating and operating initiatives for better health and wellbeing;
  • developing, maintaining and providing assistance for education, advancement and training;
  • preserving and enhancing the spoken languages of the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi people. Developing literacy programmes in those languages and developing literature and art consistent with the culture;
  • Developing business enterprises, assist in evaluating business opportunities, acquiring business and management skills and helping to develop successful business enterprises;
  • developing, encouraging, maintaining and supporting social development programmes.

The objectives of the Foundation are met through being involved in community programs that support the social, cultural, economic, educational and health and wellbeing of the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi people.

Providing funding and resources toward current or established programs or organisatons is an effective and financially responsible way of supporting Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi people.

Most organisations that are helping Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi people are supported by the Foundation. This support has included: helping with the purchase of the local St John's Ambulance and 'Mingga Patrol' and equipment for the Sobering-Up Shelter, support of the Police and their work in the community with young people. Funds have been provided for projects in the Roebourne School, and for road safety and equipment at the swimming pool. A Dialysis machine for the local health service has been purchased. Program costs have also been provided to Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation for cultural preservation. Grants have also been made available to 'Exploring Together' - a family support program at Yaandina and the Mad FX - young women's program at Karratha Youth Housing.

Diabetes is a major cause of illness in Roebourne and one of the outcomes for sufferers is the need for dialysis. To eliminate the unsettling and traumatic travel to Perth or Port Hedland for treatment, the Foundation has purchased a Dialysis machine to be installed in the Mawarnkarra Medical Centre.

Annually, the Foundation distributes $250,000 in requests from members for assistance with education for their children and young people, necessitous funds to help with food and travel for medical assistance, purchase of health related white goods or to provide support in times of emergency. Additional $300,000 of funds are also available for sporting activities, keeping, recording and experiencing culture, and for funerals and compassionate support.

The Foundation owns 2 businesses - The Roebourne General Food Store and the Roebourne Tyre Service.

Both businesses provide employment and training opportunities for local people.

The Food Store provides a range of supermarket products, with special attention paid to the provision of low cost and good quality fruit, vegetables and meat. White goods, furniture and electrical goods are also available.

"We try to keep the prices down so local people can get the benefit." Sally Walker, Assistant Manager

"I really enjoy my job here. I feel like I'm part of a team and I'm getting good training." Angela Mowarin, Retail Assistant.

The Tyre Service is a growing business that provides tyres, tyre fitting, wheel balancing, change-overs and batteries.

The Foundation provides funding through Roebourne Art Group (RAG) to support and assist with the further development of four local art groups - Buji Nhoor-pu from Cossack, Muralagua Buayi, Waba Mirda-waji and Warawarnigu Healing Art centre.

Joint venture partnerships are sought by the Foundation as investment opportunities and to develop training and employment opportunities for Indigenous people.

A current partnership with ESS is providing investment, training and employment opportunities for local people in hospitality.

Brambles and the Foundation have a Memorandum of Understanding to develop business opportunities and work together on cultural preservation.

How the organisation works

The Foundation is a Company Limited by guarantee. The company is governed by a 12 member Board under normal Corporations Law regulations. The Day to day operations and management is delegated to the Chief Executive officer.

The Foundation manages a Charitable Trust which provides support for its funding of education activities and assistance of people in necessitous circumstances. The Trust is a Public Benevolent Institution and is endorsed for charitable tax concessions including Income Tax exemption, GST Concessions and Fringe Benefit Tax exemptions.

How the Board works

Almost 1000 Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi people make up the membership of the Foundation. From this membership, 4 Yindjibarndi and 4 Ngarluma Directors are voted by the membership onto the Board. The Constitution also prescribes 4 professional members, which includes a qualified finance Director.

Each Board Director has a 4 year term and a portfolio area of work for which they carry responsibility. The Board meets bi-monthly to discuss an agenda of items that focus on matters of policy, business development, membership matters, grant applications and finances.

It is the responsibility of the Board to protect some of the capital invested in the Foundation each year for the future. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars is invested each year and as the graph shows in 40 years time, when the mining of the current gas fields may cease, a legacy will be left in perpetuity for the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi people.

What the Future Holds

The future is very bright for the Foundation. Particularly with the development of the Cultural Centre in Roebourne. The Centre will include a number of spaces for visitors and local people to share; will include an interpretive area, artefacts display, food and gift shop; offices for the Foundation and other organisations.

Native Title Agreements

The Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi peoples are the acknowledged Native Title holders over areas of the Burrup Peninsula and the Shire of Roebourne.

An agreement is in place with the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi people and Woodside Energy Ltd. and their North West Shelf Venture partners - BHPB, BP, Shell, Chevron and MIMI. The agreement recognises the interests of the parties and aims to provide long term and sustainable support to the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi people through the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Foundation Ltd.

Operating capital is provided through the agreement with the Venture partners to the Foundation. However, the Foundation will also seek support from government, industry and philanthropic organisations to meet broader long term goals.

  • ------------------------------------------

Whirlwind at Malandji Pool (Thalayindi - Croydon Station)

Long ago there were a tribe of Ngarluma people near Malandji Pool. One day the tribesmen went hunting and left the women and children back in the camp. Something happened, someone ate forbidden food so the protector of the waterhole got angry then he sent a big whirlwind from the sky. The women and children were very scared running in all directions. They called for the Mabarn man (witchdoctor) to come and fight with the great water snake. He used his magic powers to cut off the serpents head to save his tribe from being taken by the great protector of the waterhole.

Story told by Kerry Churnside, Ngarluma & Yindjibarndi woman

Address: 46 Roe Street (lot 5) PO Box 226,

Roebourne WA 6718

Lead Organisation/Agency

The Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Foundation Ltd


Western Australia - Pilbara

Most Recently Presented At

Ngarda Trading Floor, June 21 & 22, 2006

First Presented At

Ngarda Trading Floor, June 21 & 22, 2006

For further information

Contact  :  Evan Maloney
Phone  :  08 9182 1750
Mobile  :  0408-954-401
Fax  :  08-9182-1751
Email  :


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