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Noomool is the first collaboration between the ISX and Pozible - the Melbourne based crowdfunding group. Please support this project. We seek funding for no ordinary documentary. It is a fight to build awareness about the importance of the incredible pristine environment of the King Sound and a culture in danger of being lost. By investing in this project you are investing in the preservation of this incredible natural environment and the spirit of the Mayala people.

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Gary Dhurrkay Academy Recently Listed on the ISX Trading Floor
Gary Dhurrkay Academy Recently Listed on the ISX Trading Floor
The ISX trading floor is a moving feast. Aboriginal social, cultural and for-profit enterprises searching for investment, support and/or management expertise post their listings and retract them as their needs are met. Rather than remaining hidden or lost in a "philanthropic, government or business investment filing cabinet" the trading floor is a here and now network of Aboriginal aspirations, ideas and practical needs seeking fulfilment.

Add your enterprise to the Trading Floor or read more about the latest enterprises. Follow these links to see our current listings:

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Latest Enterprises

To participate at the AIFW 2014 it costs $1500 to enter the catwalk and a further $450 to showcase the following day at an expo. Unfortunatly on top of the production costs, freight, accommodation, meals ect. I am looking for support to finalise this by mid February 2014. [ Read more ]
Lead organisation: Balkanu

How to include the cultural identity of Indigenous in the Australian Constitution
This Project aims to include the culture of Indigenous Australians in the Referendum, and ultimately, in the Australian Constitution. [ Read more ]
Lead organisation: Open to all, request to all.

'See Me' chose me from less than 1% of Creative Artists to showcase my works in an International Exhibition in New York City. But I only have 2 weeks to fund the trip! [ Read more ]
Lead organisation: Wiradjuri

1,000 Flowers
1,000 Flowers is about women being sensual and being treated gently by their men (and women). Its aim is to raise awareness of the impact of domestic violence on Aboriginal women and their families. It will also raise money for early intervention programs. [ Read more ]
Lead organisation: 1,000 Flowers

Saving Torres Strait Pearls
An iconic campaign to preserve, restore and promote the history of pearling and pearling luggers of the Torres Strait and Far North Queensland including restoration of historic lugger ANTONIA A99. [ Read more ]
Lead organisation: Blackbird International Ltd

Yarrawarra Café at Corindi Beach lease
CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Yarrawarra Aboriginal Corporation seeks experienced person to lease the Yarrawarra Café at Corindi Beach NSW [ Read more ]
Lead organisation: Yarrawarra Aboriginal Corporation

Drama Djama
Creative Arts Program for young people in Galiwin'ku involving Acting, Movement, Music & Film Making, to build self confidence and bring community together. [ Read more ]
Lead organisation: Shepherdson College Community Education Centre & Galiwin'ku Youth Services team

Commercial Gardens Start Up, Arnhem Land
A unique opportunity to support commercial food gardens on Elcho Island, North East Arnhem Land to become commercially viable enterprises, providing fresh produce and employment in the community. An exciting enterprise that is completely locally initiated, owned and controlled by Indigenous (Yolngu) people. [ Read more ]
Lead organisation: Wangurri and Warramiri Clans, North East Arnhem Land

Chewyings (Berry, Moruya, Ulladulla, Narooma, Batemans Bay, Bega)
We are endeavouring to create Lawn and Horticulture businesses based on the successful model developed by Rob and Melinda Chewying in Nowra. We are seeking five things: contracts with local employers and companies for lawn and horticulture activities, managers who are prepared to learn the methodology for employment disabled, long term unemployed and other marginalised workers, and finally community support and the workers for the company itself. [ Read more ]
Lead organisation: Chewyings Lawn & Horticulture

Yan-nhangu Dictionary
Support 96 year old Laurie Baymarrwangga realise her dream! [ Read more ]
Lead organisation: Laurie Baymarrwangga and the Yan-nhangu dictionary team

View all Enterprises by: [ Subject | Region | Trading Floor | Mentor Type | Investment Type | Investment Amount ]

More Information on the Trading Floor

Often an indirect result of listing on the trading floor is that Aboriginal enterprises who had not previously known of each others existence, themselves start to network to achieve mutally beneficial results.

The ISX website and trading floor regularly attains over 200,000 hits each month. Since 2000 there have been over 5,000 projects and enterprises listed on the ISX trading floor. 90 per cent of these projects and businesses have received free listings.

At the very least listing on the ISX provides Aboriginal businesses with a highly visible web presence and exposes them to the eyes of many interested parties. Not everyone gets what they want, but most everyone gets what they need from an ISX listing.

Poorly thought out listings are unlikely to attract financial support. But even first time businesses regularly receive a helping hand by listing on the ISX trading floor. The discipline of listening to investors demands and hearing about their requirements is often a major learning experience. Often businesses do not or cannot take up offers of support because they want to remain completely independent. In other cases new partnerships and alliances have been formed.

In most cases the process of developing clear guidelines for investment and support takes years rather than weeks. The trading floor is there for this long term duration, listings are adapted and shaped along with the development of the business. There is no fee to post your own listing. However if you seek support in posting or changing a listing we charge a minimum of $100.

The ISX is able to keep costs very low because of volunteers and sponsors of our website. After experimenting with videolink and community trading floors it was recognised that the while the results were outstanding a lower cost model for supporting Aboriginal businesses was needed. This is how our web based strategy evolved.

The entire ISX operation is basically a not for profit organisation which seeks to cover the expenses of volunteers who do all the behind the scenes work at the ISX. The ISX prides itself on its low overheads as well as ensuring that there is a direct relationship between investors and supporters and Aboriginal businesses. There are no middle men or team of experts who skim off payments at any part of the process. Our goal is to be a direct communication link that gets the word to the national and international social and for profit investment community about the outstanding Aboriginal people and businesses that abound in Australia .

The BAMA ISX is not a financial market and does not sell or trade financial products of any kind.

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