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Noomool is the first collaboration between the ISX and Pozible - the Melbourne based crowdfunding group. Please support this project. We seek funding for no ordinary documentary. It is a fight to build awareness about the importance of the incredible pristine environment of the King Sound and a culture in danger of being lost. By investing in this project you are investing in the preservation of this incredible natural environment and the spirit of the Mayala people.

Kevin Fong

My current role

Co-Managing Director with Dot West of Goolarri Media Enterprises, Chairman - ISX


Western Australia - Kimberley


Kevin Fong has been involved in Regional Land and Economic development issues, as an advocate for practical reconciliation and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs for 20 years, which includes, ten years with the Commonwealth government and three years as Director of Management Consulting of a National accounting and consulting firm based in Perth WA. Kevin is currently the Managing Director of Goolarri Media Enterprises in Broome WA, a diverse Communications and Arts organisation; Director of the Outback Digital Network, Chairman of Indigenous Stock Exchange [ISX]; recipient of Centenary Medal for Community service; Laureate of Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose- USA; Past President of Shinju Matsuri [1997-2000]; past President of the Shire of Broome [1999-2003]; Served as a Commissioner of the Kimberley Development Commission and the Kimberly Sustainable Regions committee 2002-2004 and a current Commissioner on the Western Australian Planning Commission since 2002.
With a long term background in Government, Business and Community, Kevin brings to the table a multitude of skills pertaining to management, administration and Regional and Economic development. As his history of experience suggests, Kevin is committed to the ongoing development of the overall community in the Broome and Kimberley regions and Regional remote Australia, and through his work at Goolarri Media Enterprises provides a platform of opportunity for training and skill development for the Indigenous community. At the same time, Kevin applies his skills and standards to, the arena of Economic Development and Indigenous media and communications nationally, and making a difference in his community.

Contact  :  Kevin Fong
Phone  :  0891921325
Fax  :  0891936407
Email  :
WWW  :

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