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 Media Releases


Garnduwa Amboorny Wirnan Kimberley Sport and Recreation

Mighty Garnduwa join forces with Clontarf Academy to Send Side to Shepparton for Yorta Yorta Trading Floor

We are delighted that along with the Clontarf Sporting Academy the mighty Garnduwa are sending a group of representatives to take part in the Yorta Yorta trading floor and sporting activities to follow. Garnduwa is the peak Indigenous sporting body in the Kimberley and is responsible for the development of local, regional, state and national participation in sport and recreational activities by indigenous people.

Through its involvement with the relevant state and national associations, Garnduwa is responsible for the ongoing delivery in the Kimberley of the states football, basketball and athletics development programs as well as other state association programs as appropriate (i.e. Tennis WA).

Garnduwa was first established in 1990 at an open forum workshop held in One Arm Point, where over 40 community representatives attended from around the Kimberley as well as representatives from the key stakeholder government and quasi government agencies.

The workshop gave rise to the formation and incorporation of Garnduwa as a living breathing community body that represented the interests of Kimberley indigenous people in sport and recreational activities.

The name 'Garnduwa Amboorny Wirnan' was decided upon to represent the three ATSIC regional councils that Garnduwa would service. These included the Kullarri, Malarabah and Wunan regions. The words 'Garnduwa Amboorny Wirnan' come from three different language groups, one from each region, and mean the same thing- 'big mob of people coming together'.

The logo was designed around the same time by a man named Brendan Chaqubour from Djarindjin community (up the Peninsula). The crocodile, representing the freshwater people, and the turtle, representing the saltwater people, incorporated the colours of the Aboriginal flag.

Garnduwa has been successful over the years in the work that they do and this has allowed us as an organisation to constantly expand and reach a larger number of remote communities. We now employ a Program Coordinator and a Development Officer in each of the three regions, a Football Development Officer, a Womens Program Development Officer and a Cross Regional Program Coordinator.

Our organisation operates under the management of a Executive Committee and three regional sub committees that are each elected annually and include a wide range of community representatives.

Garnduwa currently have eight core programs which have developed over the past years and are implemented across the Kimberley to varying levels depending on their appropriateness to local participation and the availability or eagerness of local program partners, communities and schools to be involved.

Those programs are:

Active Girls
Isolated Communities Festival
CRO Development and Training
Music and Performing Arts
Community Infrastructure Support

Each program has its own Development Plan and is run in association with appropriate partners such as State and National Associations and other key stakeholders including remote communities, educational institutions, local sporting groups, youth agencies, the WA Department of Sport and recreation and the Indigenous Sports Unit of the ASC.

For more information on Garnduwa, please contact us on(08) 91 922 333 or email:

For further information

Contact  :  Michael Albert
Phone  :  (08) 91 922 333
Fax  :  (02) 4465 2305
Email  :
WWW  :

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