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Noomool is the first collaboration between the ISX and Pozible - the Melbourne based crowdfunding group. Please support this project. We seek funding for no ordinary documentary. It is a fight to build awareness about the importance of the incredible pristine environment of the King Sound and a culture in danger of being lost. By investing in this project you are investing in the preservation of this incredible natural environment and the spirit of the Mayala people.


Information and Contacts
Partners - Australian

Information and Contacts

The Aurura Project
The Aurora Project is the collective name for a number of programs that work to build the capacity of Australian Indigenous communities and organisations through professional development in law, anthropology, research, management, education and other disciplines. The Project developed following the launch in April 2005 of the 'Report into the Professional Development Needs of Native Title Representative Body Lawyers'. We are working with the Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) and Rio Tinto to implement many of the recommendations made in the April 2005 Report, which includes various training initiatives and a national student placement program for law, anthropology and other social science university students. Together with AGSM Executive Programs, the Project is also undertaking a three-module pilot executive management program for Indigenous current and future managers in the Miwatj region of North East Arnhem Land.

Indigenous Small Business Fund
The Indigenous Small Business Fund has been set up under the Indigenous Employment Policy with the objectives of fostering the development of businesses owned and run by Indigenous people and promoting lasting Indigenous employment opportunities. The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations manages the Fund. The department works with organisations and individuals.

Stepwise Heritage and Tourism provides services to assist individuals, families, businesses and organisations plan for their future and take solid steps toward realising their goals. We specialise in Indigenous tourism development, heritage and land management and support for innovative and unique enterprises that create cultural, social and economic benefit for local people. Stepwise Heritage and Tourism works with people in simple but empowering ways to take wise steps toward realising the opportunities and handling the challenges that lie ahead. Stepwise Heritage and Tourism is an agency that links people with the necessary expertise to achieve their goals. "In planning wisely, we can honor our journey from the past, act in the present and write the story of our future" Nicholas Hall

Mission Australia
Mission Australia sponsored the Boys from the Bush program at the Ngannawal Trading Floor

Aboriginal Tourism Australia
Aboriginal Tourism Australia (ATA) is the primary national organisation for Indigenous tourism within Australia. It provides leadership and a focus for the development of Aboriginal tourism, consistent with Aboriginal economic, cultural and environmental values.

Central Land Council
The Central Land Council is an important source of information for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people interested in investing in Indigenous business and development in Central Australia.

Robert Toigo Foundation
The Robert Toigo Foundation was founded in the late 1980s with a vision to directly address the lack of diversity within the finance industry. Our goal from the start has been to prompt the industry to open its doors to a workforce visibly more proportionate to the talent that exists globally and as diverse as the markets it serves. The organization’s founders, Bob and Sue Toigo, felt that bringing diversity to the financial industry would, in turn, bring capital into under-served communities and foster economic enrichment. They viewed academic excellence coupled and professional integrity as the platform for grooming the nation’s brightest minority graduate students for promising careers in the financial services industry. Their vision resounds with greater importance today. The Foundation’s programming addresses a range of issues facing the finance industry, from the need for more minority professionals to a continued commitment to ethical leadership. The Toigo Foundation promotes the value of a masters degree in business administration (MBA) to minority youth and supports its Fellows and Alumni throughout every phase of their finance careers with mentoring, leadership development and career services. Reaching Undergrads & Young Professionals In an effort to address the need for minority talent within the field of finance, Toigo’s outreach is extending to undergraduates and young professionals. The same focused approach on leadership, career skills and ethics is now being shared with undergraduates and young professionals as they launch their careers and consider an MBA as a possible next step. The Foundation's ToigoTalks™ initiatives are aimed at educating and interesting undergraduates and young professionals about careers in finance and the value of an MBA. The goal of the outreach is to reach minority students early and expose them to the vast career opportunities that exist within the field of finance. Through a combination of on-campus events, networking gatherings, and the Foundation's Ready-For-Finance website, Toigo will reach thousands of young African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, Asian Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, South-Asian Americans and Native Americans who might not otherwise have considered a career in finance. The ToigoTalks on-campus events are often organized in conjunction with the schools’ career services centers and focus on campuses that firms do not always recruit at, yet are “home” to highly sought-after minority talent. Look for upcoming ToigoTalks initiatives focused on women in finance, a program entitled Elevar for Latino/Hispanic students, and other tailored programs to meet the needs of today’s young professionals and their families.

Conservation through Public Health
To promote conservation and public health by improving primary health care to people and animals in and around protected areas in Africa. Conservation trough Public Health was one of our co-nominees for the Stockholm Challenge in the area of Environment in 2006

CAAMA Indigenous Media

Australian Social Innovation Exchange
The first Australian Social Innovation Camp is finally coming. 5th -7th March 2010. A weekend to take action on things you care about.

Minority Business Development Agency
This is an outstanding site for developing business for minority groups in the United States.

Tranby College
Tranby Aboriginal College is an alternative and independent learning environment for adult Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Part of the Co-operative for Aborigines Ltd, the College is located in the inner-Sydney suburb of Glebe and has been teaching students since 1958. An average of 150 students per year attend the College from all over Australia, developing the knowledge to empower both themselves and their communities. Evening courses are also available to non-Indigenous students. Tranby also provides staff development training to Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations and government departments. Our learning facilities are utilised for conferences, corporate training and community meetings.

NAB Microenterprise Loans
This loan is offered in conjunction with the Indigenous Business Australia (IBA). The loan is for entrepreneurs wishing to start a new business or existing businesses looking for further support. Applications are invited from throughout Australia.

Investment Ready?
Want to check out whether your company is investment ready then try this checklist out. It has been produced through Coporation Builders an international company specialising in equity finance and helping companies finance and develop their businesses.

Micronavigator is an important asset for people in small businesses who want to command finance and support from banks, investors and financial institutions. Barbara Gabogrecan, the principal of the company, started her own micro-business literally on her kitchen table; and so her micronavigator process is designed to ensure that you learn all the tricks of business start-ups, we think the whole process is invaluable for Indigenous men and women interested in creating family businesses, micro-business and larger undertakings. To be successful with investors, it should be a first step to obtain a micro-navigator accreditation before listing on the ISX.

Koori Mail - The Voice of Indigenous Australia
Welcome to the Koori Mail - Australia's national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander newspaper. Through the work of our correspondents in every State and Territory, the Koori Mail is helping to document the contemporary experience of Indigenous Australia, as well as reinforcing and reminding all Australians that 'White Australia has a Black History'. Our goal has always been to publish Australia's deadliest Indigenous newspaper - and that's what we've been doing since 1991. Every fortnight we print news, images and views of particular interest to Aborigines and Torres Strait Island people, and non-Indigenous people interested in Indigenous affairs. You can find our newspaper in newsagents nationwide or, like thousands of others, you can subscribe and have the Koori Mail delivered directly to you each fortnight. Look for details on how to do this in the index at left. We'd also love to hear about your thoughts on Indigenous issues for publication as a Letter to the Editor or as a poem. So if you have something to say personally about an Indigenous issue, or you want to let other blackfellas know what's happening around your campfire, contact us by phone, fax, snail mail or email: Hope to see you next time I happen to be travelling in your country. The Koori Mail - Proudly 100 per cent Aboriginal-owned, 100 per cent self-funding. One Paper, Many Voices - We're proud to be The Voice of Indigenous Australia

Indigenous Peoples' International Centre for Policy Research and Education

The Lowitja Institute
The country's pre-eminent Indigenous health institute.

Boolarng Nangamai Aboriginal Art and Culture Studio
The Boolarng Nangamai Aboriginal Art and Culture Studio (BNAACS) is actively participating in a hands on approach to Reconciliation in our country. The studio conducts workshops passing on skills to both people in the Aboriginal and non Aboriginal community. This knowledge will be shared by going out to schools and the wider community and having on site visits. The areas of expertise are Aboriginal Cultural Awareness, Weaving, Painting, Drawing, Bush foods, Tool making, Dance/Performance including Dijeridoo playing, Storytelling and Aboriginal Art Consultancy, Aboriginal Sites Consultancy. We have developed an online cultural menu whereby visitors can have a unique online internet experience directly with each cultural worker. The BN menu is just like a restaurant with a broad range of Aboriginal cultural delights. Choose from the samples and book in for a time session on each topic. Laugh, listen and learn about Aboriginal life. We are working towards cultural apprenticeships with the youth whereby we bring back the traditions of learning from a master - the elders transferring knowledge & skill to the youth. The studio is open to the public to observe Aboriginal Artists at work in their own environment. The studio showcases artwork on exhibition and for sale, including paintings, weaving, shell work, jewellery. Who Are We The 9 artists who form Boolarng Nangamai met via life's journey crossing paths at West Wollongong TAFE since 1995. As teacher and fellow artist Kelli Ryan observed the artists develop, it became evident that the group was incredibly talented and have so much to share. So we are Boolarng = Together (Biripi language group) Nangamai = Dreaming ( Sydney Dhawarral language group). The vision for Boolarng Nangamai Aboriginal Art + Culture Studio started in 2000. Kelli Ryan's mother Sheila passed away and with a small inheritance Kelli purchased land on Union Creek, Gerringong. Kelli had been teaching the artist since 1995 at TAFE and put forward the idea of building a studio. The studio backs onto Union creek - reeds naturally grow there and have been used by Aboriginal people for many thousands of years. The artist unanimously agreed to work as a team to give it a go. A few of the artist, a team of contractors and Kelli constructed the building. Kelli personally financed the project with the banks assistance. The 9 Artists and Kelli share a collective passion for sustaining Aboriginal Culture; since 1997- reconciliation in action. This passion has motivated us all to be where we are today and so begins a new era for Aboriginal Art & Culture to continue and develop for future generations to inherit. BN Studio was opened by Colin Markham on 6th August 2005. The Founding artists then formed Boolarng Nangamai Aboriginal Corporation in late 2007. This board advises on ALL cultural protocols conducted by BNAACS. Since opening we are gaining moment and a further 20 artists & cultural workers have joined the studio. Please make contact. The artists come from different Aboriginal communities from New South Wales & Queensland , local traditional people as well as inland and coastal people. The Illawarra South Coast is home to the artists and Gerringong is the heart of keeping their Aboriginal Culture alive. Studio Objectives * Establish employment opportunities for Aboriginal people. Empower Aboriginal people to develop micro businesses and teach skills on financial literacy & self determination & management . * The studio promotes positive Aboriginal role models for the younger generations to absorb and learn from while sustaining Aboriginal Culture in our society. * The studio promotes and enriches the longevity of Aboriginal Culture for all members in the community to benefit. The studio ensures that Aboriginal knowledge is not lost and participation in the studio will project Aboriginal Way of Life into the future. * The studio is unique to this region and will enhance and build bridges between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal communities. * The studio will culturally contribute to the Fine Arts industry nationally and internationally. * Care for country with our educational bush foods & medicine garden. Practice recycling of materials into woven product, walk land collecting seed to contribute to the healthy sustainability of the genetic seed pool of species, develop a seedling nursery and prorogate seeds. * Promote tourism and positive Aboriginal presence and identity in our community.

Yolngu Tourism
This is the main contact point for East Arnhem Indigenous Cultural Experiences

The Little Black Dress Empire

The Black Book
The Black Book has two main sections: the Black Book Directory and Black Book Library. The Directory includes more than 2,700 listings of Indigenous organisations and individuals working across 95 professions in the arts, media and cultural industries. Each listing provides contact information as well as a history of individual professional experience and organisational profiles. The Library is constantly evolving to include new artistic works by Indigenous people. It currently contains 2,000 works from the late 1890s until now. It is not comprehensive, but we are getting close! The works are divided into three sections - publications, music and screen productions - and then further divided into categories like documentaries, plays, features, albums etc. The listing for each work includes the artist, publisher, release date, distributor contacts and, for publications and screen productions, a synopsis. The Black Book also offers additional pages which provide up to date information about events across the country, jobs and training opportunites, and profiles of leading Indigenous artists to give inspiration to our users. The Black Book is also available to purchase in print at $55 (inc gst and postage). The print version is useful for easy browsing of the entire the data contained in The Black Book. Purchase can be arranged on the directory page. The Black Book is inspired by The Brown Pages . We pay respect to our Maori colleagues for their continuing strength and leadership. The Black Book was created by Rachel Perkins, and the website was designed, constructed and sponsored by Elephant Head Productions. The site is hosted and maitained by the Australian Film Commission. Visit the contact page for more information.

Australian Venture Capital Association
The Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL) is the national association that represents the venture capital industry's participants, promotes the industry and encourages investment in growing business enterprises. Membership comprises venture capital firms, institutional investors, banks, incubators, angels, corporate advisors, accountants, lawyers, government bodies, academic institutions and other service providers to the industry. AVCAL's venture capital members represent most of the active venture capital firms. These firms provide capital for seed and pre-seed ventures, early stage companies, later stage expansion, and finance for management buyouts and buy-ins of established companies. There are 51 investor members with $10 billion invested or available for investment.

goodcompany exists to help put young professionals in contact with community organisations seeking assistance with specific one-off needs and projects. We know that many young professionals are 'time poor', so we focus on making you aware of individual short-term projects you can help community groups complete.

The Smith Family
An important Australian social and philanthropic agency that is interested in investing in Indigenous employment development projects.

Nganampa Health Council
Nganampa Health Council is one of Australia's outstanding Indigenous health initiatives. It involves a long partnership between local leaders and some of Australia's best physicians and innovators. There is much to learn from their experiences.

Northern Land Council - Doing Business on Aboriginal Land
The Northern Land Councils guide to Starting out and Doing Business on Aboriginal Land.

Rurungan sa Tubod
Thr Rurungan sa Tabod Foundation is an initiative conceived to stimulate the hand-weaving industry in Palawan and to create new livelihood options for women.

Social Ventures Australia
Social Ventures Australia is doing great work in Australia supporting Indigenous business ventures.

Business advisory company making a commitment to Aboriginal economic development

Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance

Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination
Part of the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA), OIPC is coordinating a whole-of-government approach to programs and services for Indigenous Australians. It has a central role in the Government's new arrangements in Indigenous Affairs

Remote Indigenous Gardens Network
The RIG Network project is a cross-sectoral networking initiative that aims to help connect people who have an interest in the social and economic contributions that local food garden projects and small enterprises can make to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, food security and wellbeing.

Kimberley Land Council
The Kimberley Land Council is a community organisation working for and with Traditional Owners of the Kimberley, to get back country, to look after country and to get control of our future.

The Benevolent Society
A key NSW funder of innovative community and social ventures.

Bank of Ideas
The Bank of I.D.E.A.S. is motivated by the desire to create healthy, inclusive, sustainable and enterprising communities. It is convinced that communities cannot be developed from the top down or from the outside in. It requires communities to build from the inside out, and for their residents to invest themselves, ideas, assets, capacities and resources in the process.

Lhere Artepe

Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship
A key place to look for inspiration for community business projects, ideas and manuals.

Indigenous Business Incubator

Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV)
ICV assists Indigenous communities and organisations by supporting skills transfer projects that have lasting value. It does this by linking skilled volunteers with communities and organisations that have requested particular skills. PH: 1-800-819-542

Indigenous Education Leadership Institute
Chris Sarra heads this innovative Queensland Indigenous Education Institute.

Australian Indigenous Minority Supplier Council.

Indigenous Capital Assistance Scheme
Search on the Westpac site for Indigenous Capital Assistance Scheme. This loan program aimed at small and medium sized enterprises is an essential first stop place to investigate loans from 50 to 500k. The program that will be rolled out across Australia over the next few months.

Classic Black Chauffeurs
Run by Mrs. Suzanne Russell if you need a chauffeur in Adelaide then don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Russell.

Community Action Network
The Community Action Network is lighthouse for innovative community work and social business.

Hotham Mission
Hotham Mission were foundation sponsors of the Social Entrepreneurs Network that enabled the first ISX conference to get off the ground.

WorkVentures Ltd
A great social business innovator and supporter doing great work with Indigenous people.

Western Australian Cultural Tourism
Welcome to WAITOC website representing Aboriginal Tourism in Western Australia. Aboriginal Tourism is a wonderful way to get close and personal with Australia's oldest and unique culture. So are you looking for a unique Australian Aboriginal experience? Want to learn more about Australian Aboriginal culture? Would you like to take a look into the Australian Aboriginal way of life? Then visit Western Australia where you can enjoy doing all of the above and much, much more.

To enable Aboriginals living in the Shoalhaven LGA to take control of their own community, to enhance economic and social development and to provide employment for people in the community. In so doing, we will reduce Aboriginal dependence on social welfare benefits and improve elements of our Aboriginal social, cultural and spiritual life.

Visit IndigiTUBE

Global Study Abroad
Global Student Experience offers study abroad programs for students to popular destinations around the world.

Black Pages
Black Pages is Australia's first and only national on-line Indigenous Business and Community Enterprise Directory. Our web site will provide you with: A comprehensive national listing of Indigenous businesses, community enterprises and services; Information and research tools by utilising the Smart Links listing; The Black Pages Business Centre with a range of business products and services; and An opportunity for government agencies, corporate businesses and community organisations to advertise and promote products, services, community news and events.

Indigenous Self Employment Program
The Indigenous Self Employment Programme (ISEP) trial aims to assist individual Indigenous Australians establish their own small business. The programme combines interest-free loan funding with financial literacy training and business advice and support. The ISEP trial will operate until April 2005 and will initially take place in three regions: Murdi Paaki in New South Wales, Cape York in Queensland and Shepparton in Victoria. Further information will be provided as the trial extends to other regions. How does it work? The ISEP will assist individual Indigenous Australians by providing: interest free loan funding of up to $5500 (including GST) for the non-wage costs in establishing their own small business; financial literacy training; and business advice and support.

The Jimmy Little Foundation
The Jimmy Little Foundation was established to help improve kidney health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across regional and remote Australia. Dr James O Little AO is a legend of the Australian music scene and has been performing for over fifty years. After two years on dialysis and a successful kidney transplant, he realised the importance of all Australians being able to access quality health care no matter where they live and wanted to make a concrete contribution to those communities most affected by kidney disease. Jimmy is living proof that there can be productive life after diagnosis of kidney disease which is decimating indigenous Australians at an alarming rate. * Kidney failure affects 15,000 Australians, with 2,000 new patients requiring dialysis or a transplant each year to stay alive. * In some remote Indigenous communities the incidence of kidney failure is: - 30 – 50 times the national average - responsible for more than one third of aboriginal deaths * 50% of sufferers live in regions with no dialysis facilities forcing them to take long road trips sometimes twice a week or to relocate far away from their communities. While most Australians are living longer than ever before, one in every three indigenous Australian males can expect to die before they reach the age of 55. (Oxfam Australia) Fundraising The Jimmy Little Foundation will source its funds primarily from entertainment related activities, including television documentaries, variety shows, live concerts and from the associated CD/DVD sales. Jimmy will be calling on entertainers, sportspeople and well known personalities to lend their services to the Foundation and participate in these activities. The Jimmy Little Foundation is a not for profit charitable institution with tax exempt status, so it will also be able to take donations from individuals, corporate sponsors and private companies. Jimmy's long-time manager "Graham "Buzz" Bidstrup will produce the Foundation's entertainment events and for the Uluru cultural Festival in May 08 he will be assisted by the renowned Rhoda Roberts. Don Palmer is the co-producer. He is an award winning documentary filmmaker whose productions reflect a long commitment to indigenous Australians. Don has helped train some of Australia’s foremost journalists and produced for some of Australia’s largest corporations. Don’s wife has undergone kidney dialysis and recently received a transplant.

Northern Land Council
The Northern Land Council is an important source of information for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people interested in investing in Indigenous business and development in the Northern parts of the Northern Territory.

Shared Responsibility Agreements
Listings of current shared responsibility agreements

Pilbara and Kimberley Aboriginal Media Association

Larrkadi Radio - 6DBY
Kimberley Radio

Indigenous Land Corporation
The Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) is an independent Australian Government statutory authority, which was established in 1995. The ILC receives its funding from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Fund. The ILC's two main functions are to assist Indigenous peoples in Australia to acquire land and to manage Indigenous-held land in a sustainable way to provide cultural, social, economic or environmental benefits for themselves and for future generations. The ILC's Head Office is based in Adelaide. Divisional offices are located in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Vacancies The ILC Freecall telephone number is 1800 818 490 Email General Information: Web Information: Add your name to the ILC mail list if you would like to receive the ILC's newsletter, Land Matters, or the ILC Annual Report.

Working Papers
This link is the home of Peter Botsman's discussion papers and on-line books. It includes his volumes of quotes from prominent Indigenous leaders over the past few decades.

Innovation Victoria
Innovic provides free seminars for people wanting to take innovations to production stage. Their website is also very useful and contains a range of information and ideas.

Aus Political Independence Charter Strategy

Clontarf Football Academy
Clontarf Football Academy We now have three Academies across the state of Western Australia with more soon to open. Any boy who is enrolled at Clontarf Aboriginal College (Perth), Eastern Goldfields Senior High School (Kalgoorlie-Boulder), or the Geraldton Senior High School (Mid-West) can apply to be part of the program. To maintain their position in the Football Academy participants need to show commitment towards training and the education program. What do we do? The Football program operates in and around the school timetable. Training, activities or games occur three times per week. During First Term training is held from 7.30-8.30am followed by a healthy breakfast. We run three football teams who play up to 60 games each year as well as many intra-club scratch matches. Selection is based on attendance and attitude. Participants will receive specialist coaching and mentoring from AFL and WAFL experienced coaches and players.


National Indigenous Times
National Indigenous Times is Australia's leading Indigenous Affairs news provider. Every day thousands of Aboriginal Australians, Torres Strait Islanders and ‘whitefellas’ read NIT. From land rights, native title and treaty to reconciliation, stolen wages and Aboriginal art, NIT gives an in-depth look at black and white Australia.

Aboriginal Elders and Community Care

Indigenous Business Australia
Welcome to the Indigenous Business Australia website. Our organisation takes pride in its record of advancing the cause of Indigenous economic development. We see the accumulation of assets and participation in the mainstream economy as one of the significant opportunities for Australia's Indigenous peoples. It is also a means of ending the poverty to which so many of our people are subject and that so often ends in unacceptably high levels of poor health, rates of imprisonment and a number of other social problems being experienced in our communities. This website is structured to reach current and prospective Indigenous clients in regional and remote locations as a means of stimulating their interest in how to achieve economic independence. My message of welcome would be incomplete without alerting you to some very real changes in relation to the delivery of services in Indigenous affairs. IBA's original charter was set out under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Amendment Act 2001 which required IBA to engage in commercial activities and grow its capital base for the benefit of Indigenous people. The Australian Government has committed itself to a new whole-of-government approach to Indigenous policy. Followed passage of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2005, IBA's charter was expanded. In the business sector it means that IBA will continue to foster economic development to promote an increasing level of business participation among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. That original objective was to encourage Indigenous self-reliance as a strategy to break the shackles of welfare dependency. However, these latest provisions now see IBA handed carriage for delivery of two key programmes. They are the Home Ownership Programme (HOP) and the Indigenous Business Development Programme (IBDP) previously run respectively by ATSIC and the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR). It is a good fit, since both the IBDP and HOP are Indigenous-specific and complement the Equity and Investment Branch that has long been a primary driver of IBA growth. My Board has indicated to the IBA management team that it expects a continued emphasis on supporting viable proposals and that the strong commercial discipline which IBA has developed over the years will be an administrative feature in all of our commercial programmes. The new-look IBA comprises a Board of Directors appointed by the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations. Staff numbers have increased to about 140 including a management team led by General Manager Ron Morony and deputy GM Ian Myers. The upshot of the whole of government approach is that all Indigenous programmes will now be administered by mainstream Government agencies. While IBA retains its status as a Commonwealth Statutory Authority, it now falls under the portfolio of the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, the Hon Kevin Andrews MP. Both IBA and DEWR are committed to implementing an economic strategy with DEWR focussing on employment (work) and IBA using its resources to develop pathways to wealth creation and asset accumulation strategies. From now on, under the whole-of-government provisions, Indigenous affairs will be administered through a network of 30 multi-agency Indigenous Coordination Centres (ICCs) located country-wide. This includes rural and remote Australia. IBA will be represented at some of these locations where our staff is committed to work with local networks of representative Indigenous organisations, individuals and communities to ensure that local needs and priorities are understood. I urge you to explore our website to find out how IBA can assist Indigenous Australians to pursue the dream of wealth creation, whether it is by way of self employment, joint venturing, investing or buying a home. If you are visiting our site as a member of the private sector, I encourage you to talk to our staff about ways of doing business with Indigenous Australians and IBA, which can assist in analysing proposals and advising on how to advance them. Joseph Elu, Chairman

Calendar of Business Events
This is a good place to check out the big business events of the year.

Indigenous Coordination Centres
Indigenous Coordination Centres or ICCs operate in 30 locations around Australia. They look after most of the Australian Government’s Indigenous programs and negotiate Shared Responsibility Agreements with local Indigenous people and communities

Queensland Capital Raising Pipeline
The Department of State Development and Innovation's Queensland Capital Raising Pipelines harnesses community skills, knowledge and networks to fast track the growth of enterprise throughout Queensland.

Redfern Foundation
The Redfern Foundation was formed in 1998 to support the Aboriginal community in the inner city of Sydney. Our goal is to promote the creation of an Aboriginal community that is healthy, self supporting and a source of hope, pride and leadership both to its own members and for the wider Australian community – both indigenous and non-indigenous.

Sharing Culture
Sharing Culture Pty Ltd is an Indigenous owned and operated family business that is destined to work with other Indigenous communities and language groups in an effort to share and educate others about Australian Indigenous cultures. The Company is Directed by Gadj and Jodie Maymuru, who also develop the programs from concept to completion.

Indigenous Economic Forum

Australian Prospect
This is the link to Australian Prospect which contains many papers on Indigenous affairs including those by Marcia Langton, Noel Pearson and Gerhardt Pearson amongst others

Double Bridge Farm
Double Bridge Farm is run by Shani Galleghan and specialises in Indigenous cultural activities and environmental education. Its focus is to celebrate Indigenous culture on the North Coast of NSW. Shani is always looking for volunteers and workers to develop the vision of the farm. You can also support the farm by getting involved in its activities, buying local Indigenous products and booking in for environmental walks and tours. Double Bridge Farm Post Office Box 2687 Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444 Ph: (02) 6585 8019 Fx: (02) 6586 8020 Mb: 0458 422 483

Charlie Perkins Trust

Australian Government Services for Indigenous Australia
A comprehensive listing of government services for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Directory of North American First Nations Websites
This is an important link to first nations internet sites in North America.

Dare to Lead
An initiative of the Principals Associations in Australia, focusing on accelerating the improvement of educational outcomes for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students, & supporting the goals of reconciliation for all Australian students.

Gallery Kailea

Partners - Australian

Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation
Foundation sponsor of the ISX and inspirational Indigenous regional business development organisation.

Rio Tinto
The mining and exploration company Rio Tinto have been important sponsors of the trading floors of the ISX and have organised for business coaching of those who want to present their ideas on the trading floor.

Cape York Partnerships
Foundation sponsor of the ISX, a pioneering organisation on Cape York.

Brotherhood of St Laurence
The Brotherhood of St Laurence was the key foundation sponsor of the ISX.

Goolarri Media Enterprises
The wonderful Goolarri Media Enterprises one of the best training organisations in the country for young Indigenous Australians interested in careers in radio, film and television. Goolarri hosted the Yawuru Trading Floor in Broome.

The BAMA ISX is not a financial market and does not sell or trade financial products of any kind.

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